Friday, March 11, 2016


A Common Responsibility

Care for the environment represents a challenge for whole humanity.  It is a matter of common and universal duty – that of respecting a common good.

1.  “Environment”:  The biosphere, the ecosystem, the atmosphere – this in general is what environment means.  In other words, it stands for the natural features – what is existent, what is living, what is growing and the like – in the world plus the factors that precisely  give them existence, life and growth.  And needless to say, man himself – humanity as a whole – exists, lives and grows courtesy of the beneficial attributes of the environment.

2.  As already known, more than the environment harming man, it is   man that damages, wastes or even destroys the environment.  There are different ways man does this, and the standard reasons are the following:  His greed to get from the earth what he wants – usually for reason of personal and/or corporate profit.  His ignorance of doing what he does and not doing what he should to protect and preserve the earth’s environ, eventually make him sick if not ultimately cost him his life.  His downright refusal to preserve the beneficial environment for lunatic reasons.

3.  Preserving and not destroying , conserving and not wasting, enriching and not impoverishing the world he lives in and lives from – this is not but a choice but a mandate for man.  This is both an invitation and a challenge for humanity as a whole – irrespective of the part of the globe he is living in.  So is it that even if there are but relatively few individuals who make a mess of the environ, humanity as a whole is eventually the victim.

4.  The environment is categorically considered as a “common good” in the sense that it is a reality that benefits all people the world over.  As such, enriching and safeguarding the environment cannot be but a common concern, a common duty of all the people as well – independently of their race, color and creed.  Reason:  The environment is a reality in the sphere of nature that covers humanity as a whole irrespective of national origin and culture, customs and traditions – belief well-included.

5.  Taking care and protecting the integrity of the environment is wherefore nothing less than a “universal duty” of humanity as a whole.  To watch over and to take care of the natural integrity of the environment is a natural duty of everybody.  Otherwise, the natural penal sanction has its deleterious effect on every man, woman, and child.  Those who destroy or allow others to destroy the environment  put their own progeny in mortal danger.

There was a time when the so-called “Climate Change” said to be primarily caused by the progressive destruction of the environment by human agenda was either disregarded if not simply ridiculed as some kind of a gimmick or business ploy.  These times, people are no longer laughing – considering the now regular, big and deadly upheavals taking place in nature as a whole.  Attention:  All those aspiring for public office on the occasion of the 2016 Election -  will Climate Change be your concern?