Monday, February 08, 2016



It is neither a secret nor is it easy to undo the thesis that the outgoing administration is leaving much to be desired on the matter of its handling of the highest public office in the land which is thus also the most powerful government position all over the Country.  No.  It is neither true that its still incumbent occupant has done nothing at all nor has done everything wrong.  Sad to say though is the ground reality that it has done so little and it is leaving behind so much undone.

This is in no way meant to say that the personality concerned is not an expert in addressing the nation with the addiction of repeatedly blaming someone else for the woes and miseries of the Country.  This is also denying the fact that he does not say what he is told to by his close-in advisers, does not read what is written down for him by his chosen aides.  No!  This is but saying that the eventual losers of such a defective and deficient governance are no one else than the people themselves craving for public service from their public officials.  In other words, the tired and tiring poetry of “Matuid na Daan” is one big joke – to say the least.  It has neither really shown the right way nor how to walk on it.  Otherwise:

Why is the present government the big living and pulsating incarnation of graft and corrupt practices in actually owning public income from private omnipresent taxes for its own self-interests and personal objectives?  Why is it a nonchalant borrower of huge amounts of money specially from foreign sources, spend them freely and make the general public pay for after all is said and done?  So it is that the Philippines is improving in graft and corruption customarily taking place here but duly noted well and recorded by a pertinent international agency.  Are public funds for personal purposes, for egoistic advertisement, for partisan politics?

Why has the present government become so deaf and blind in the matter of local illegal drug manufacture, not only for its wide local use but even for the export thereof to other countries?  Why is it shamefully impotent in curbing crimes of all kinds and gravity – with downright killing of individuals here and there, day and night as a matter of fact?  Why has big smuggling become as a matter-of-fact phenomenon in the Country?  And why are there more and more people sleeping in the streets, begging from passers-by, living by the garbage?  By the way, how come it has neither the knowledge much less the resolve to get rid of traffic mess?    

Why is it that the present government does not even care about the partisan application of justice if not the practical absence thereof  in line with the “Three monkey” policy of see nothing, say nothing, and do nothing,  specially so when those doing the injustice are close political allies, KKK members among other specially treated individuals?  And something else:  Why has this still ruling administration made a huge gambling industry in the Country with no less than some 35 Casinos spread all over the land – not to mention the many more now considered local para-legal gambling forms topped by Jueteng and Masiao?

On the occasion of the forthcoming 2016 Election, the voters should be well aware of the above realities – which are anything but secrets – to make them vote for “Public Officials for Able Public Service”.