Friday, February 19, 2016


As time passes by and Election 2016 keeps coming closer, COMELEC is facing more and more challenges in having the “Source Code” not simply kept under wraps but specially so in having it do what it is meant for – considering precisely that it was found out lately that it failed to do what it should.  Needless to say, it is a must that the eventual results of the electoral process are credible, tenable and above all, acceptable.  Otherwise, there could be one big public trouble after another when the over-all result of the election would arouse one big doubt after another in the perception or conviction of the general public.

A “bad” election such as in terms of a perceived “wrong” vote count can readily arouse public discontent and consequent popular dissent none of which would bring about social unity and peace in the Country already suffering for a markedly oratorical yet truly incompetent and divisive  governance for the past years.  There is no honest choice between a good or bad election – nor (Noel) no election at all for that matter.  The truth is that what is ardently desired and urgently needed is a credible election – notwithstanding the given fact that the present administration will leave no stone unturned to make its allied candidates “win” in the forthcoming political exercise.

One thing is certain:  The People of the Philippines has already witnessed and suffered enough from prior dirty, dishonest, fraudulent elections – the over-all product of which was discontent, dissent plus distrust.  The eventual result of the forthcoming election would not be ipso facto believed and accepted particularly by the thinking people in the Country.  Reason:  They know only too well that the incumbent administration would leave no stone unturned for its own chosen and favoured  candidates to win elections.  Otherwise, those concerned in one too many graft and corrupt practices – the violations of the Philippine Constitution not excluded – would get what they deserve in or out of prison bars.

Hence:  WANTED COMPUTER EXPERTS.  These are a group of individuals who are really Masters in Computer Technology, who are but interested in having the right vote count, who simply want to have an honest and credible election in favour of the People of the Philippines.  It is this People whom they will serve and represent gratis et amore.  It is the same people whom they will assure and favour with the assurance that the election is credible from the proper registry and count of the votes cast in the precinct level up to their transmission to the rightful designated machine recipient thereof for an eventual total vote count.

These Computer Experts are the best of the best – not only because they know their job but also because they know the hullaballoo that accompanied the previous automate elections in the Country.  They are Filipinos who not only know the workings of vote counting machines but who know as well the workings of Philippine politics.  So it is that their expert knowledge and service are also pro-People of the Philippines who are vested with all the right to have an honest and credible election.

Again: Wanted: Computer Experts!  Your invaluable service is in demand.  Your genuine and generous love for the Country is called for.  Your response to the call will certainly make a difference in the 2016 Election.  Mabuhay po kayo!