Friday, February 26, 2016


Artificial birth control through the use of any downright contraceptive means such as recourse to these or those pills and/or these injections that in effect promote abortion – this is something really that not even irrational animals do.   The truth of the matter is that “Responsible Parenthood” is the answer to irresponsible over-population if any – an answer that is in accord with both the principles of ethics and the norms of morals.  So it is that irresponsible parenthood – when a couple go on having children one after the another even if the family concerned does not have means to humanly/decently survive such as in terms of customary lack of shelter, food and clothing – this is blatantly contrary to the dictate of but elementary reason.  Not giving birth to them by natural abstention from pregnancy is responsible and wherefore laudable.  But no to Family Control through artificial means specially those with abortive features!

There are some elementary norms of conduct, some fundamental rules of behaviour that come to fore  and that are applicable to those who still have reason functions:  Why would someone get married when he does not even have work to live by, when he cannot even sufficiently feed and decently clothe himself as an individual, does not even have a decent place to live in?  And assuming  even that all such liabilities notwithstanding, he still gets married, then what?  Would he use his wife merely to have fun and pleasure?  And supposing he dares even having children, then what?  How does he feed and house them?  Or would he adopt the disgusting practice of using them for begging, using them to somehow have a living one way or another?  So it is that there are some parents who in fact use their children for prostitution.  This is immoral.  This is heinous.  This is criminal.

Thus now comes to mind the infamous law about the so-called “Reproductive Health” – which is in fact both precisely anti-reproduction and unhealthy.  It is in effect contra reproduction through contraception, abortion surreptitiously included.  The law was instanced by foreigners fearful of Filipinos migrating to and populating their Countries.  The passage of the law was shamelessly funded by the still existing government through generous give-aways of people’s money.  The implementation of the law is now openly financed by people’s money – allegedly to lessen poverty in the Country.  Poverty in the Country lessened?  Come on!  Wake up!  Be real!

There is something that comes to mind specifically as to abortion.  This:  Those who authored the law – the one who sponsored it plus those who collaborated for its passage plus those who financed its approval together with someone who signed it into law – as they are all aging, getting sick one way or another, eventually die buried in the ground or burned into ashes – woe to them all even if only but one child was aborted because of their anti-human interventions in the enactment of the law on Population Control.  Abortion is downright murder of an still unborn , absolutely helpless and altogether dependent child.  Killing this is an intrinsically heinous crime.  And as far as the Church is concerned, those responsible for abortion are subject to the highest form of crime and punishment penalty:  Excommunication!  In effect, this means “Out!”  Out of membership in the Church! Out of the prayers of the Church!  Out of the spiritual realm of the Church! OUT!

“Thou shall not kill.”  With special reference to the unborn!