Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Under the heading of “BASES U.S. OBTAINS IN THE PHILIPPINES”, nothing less than the New York Times announced the following big news in March 15, 1947 – which is something to seriously ponder upon on the occasion of the much talked about, discussed and even debated EDCA which seems to be something new but in fact already given a projection and an accepted consensual stance no less than some 69 years ago.  Thus reads the interesting and disturbing news written with a drawn map of the north, east, south and west Philippines:

“Under the ninety-nine year agreement just signed, the Army will maintain its principle establishments at Fort Stotsenberg and Clark Field (A), while the Navy will have operating areas at Subic Bay, Sangley Point, Guiuan and Tawi-tawi (B).  A portion of the Manila Port Area will be available to both.  Smaller bases will include installations at  Baguio and Palawan (C).  Others will be developed at Aparri and on Mactan Island (D).”

Is the thus so-called “Ninety-Nine Year Agreement” – or no less than some kind of a one century long contract – changed or modified, reconsidered or altered, dissolved or undone – or merely kept a long time secret.  Those who know what it is really all about, do  come out in the open and speak whereas there is nothing better than knowing the truth and the whole thereof.  Keeping a people ignorant of what is in store for their own Country – their own future plus that of their children – is not only cruel but eventually mortal.  So it is that while keeping secrets is not only reasonable but also mandatory such as precisely on the part of the so-called “Secret Service”, when a government supposedly of the people, by the people  and for the people – a wherefore sovereign people – keep the citizens ignorant about their present standing and future plight – in one word, this is treason.

It is not a secret that the world  is being torn apart by different contrasting beliefs and ideologies – in addition to the even worsening separatist distinction between the so-called “First World” and the “Third World” Countries with their  respective inherent attributions and  liabilities.  The more noticeable phenomenon now distinctly dividing the world – in addition to which Countries have developed and stand in possession of the deadliest weaponries – is the emergence and spread of ISIS.  So it is that the now existing threesomes of economy, ideology and weaponry is slowly but surely tearing the world apart, making humanity more and more divided and self-destructive.

So it is that the partnership of USA and England vis-à-vis that of Russia and China, can be anything but good news for many so-called “Third Countries” exactly such as the Philippines.  Reason:  This Country and its people are more and more at the mercy of the above said warring giants, more and more specifically being used and abused by its Uncle Sam.  What is worse is that in the Philippines itself, there already long are warring factions particularly in Mindanao.

No wonder then that there is the above said “Ninety-Nine Year Agreement” whose existence, modification or dissolution should be clarified by the public authorities concerned.  But come to think of it, if the “Agreement” remains in fact existent and binding, then EDCA would be a non-issue  as it has been already in potential existence since 1947.