Monday, February 15, 2016


In order to govern the universe and to rule over humanity, it is rather well known that their Creator gave but Ten Commandments... But less the Ten Commandments prove to be still too many to follow.  These were in fact reduced to but Two Commandments by Christ the Redeemer of humanity:  Love of God and Love of neighbor.  Yes!  No more than two Mandates for people to follow for their own good specially in terms of their own good, their unity and peace – considering that hatred is what deviates individuals from what is good and true, what alienates them one from the other, what eventually instigates wars such that the more lethal weaponry becomes, the more such  is coveted and appreciated.

Altruism – this is the core and the essence of love.  Love is definitely neither selfish nor egoistic.  So is it that self-love is the cause of a good number of dissensions   and dismays, the common denominator of disharmony and disunity in a family, in a community, in a country.  It is altruism in people that lessens the suffering and pain of others, that ushers in consolation and inspiration in society, that rebuilds broken homes, that picks up individuals from their desolation and despair.  Just as egoism and the self-love brings about the usual causes of human sufferings, it is altruism that is the root cause of healing in all levels of human society.

With another “Valentine’s Day” just over, it is good to ask what genuine or true “love” in reality means and in fact brings about in a “love”.  Needless to say, a big number of “lovers” eventually ended up hating one another.  More. Futile to note is that not a few couples apparently “in love” go to the extent of marrying one another only to end up disgusted with one another and ultimately ending it all up with “broken” marriages.  There are some elementary facts that say what love is not.  Love is neither but physical attraction nor merely carnal relation.  Much  less is love but self-attention, self-service, self-satisfaction.  So it is that love is essentially altruistic such as the standard parental love – specially that felt and noted between a mother and her child.  So it is still worth asking:  What is true, real or genuine love?

It is the disposition and resolve on the part of someone to serve and to help the object of love, to protect and promote the good of the beloved.  True love is altruistic not egoistic, pro the beloved and definitely not pro the lover.

It is the desire and design of the lover to look after the substantial and complementary needs of the loved one subject only to the principles of ethics and the norms of morals and  dependent on the possibilities of the lover.

The opposite of any or all of the above are the usual signs and expressions of false or falsified love.  Genuine love is challenging.  Real love is demanding.  This is why true love should not be equated with but the love of oneself, with but an ego trip, with but a simply self-serving, self-satisfying, self-pleasing emotional disposition.