Wednesday, February 17, 2016


All egoistic claims and delusional acclamations to the contrary, the dreadful heirloom of the Pitiful People of the Philippines (PPP) from the previous administrations – the still existing one very well included – is a three-cornered national liability in terms of gross dishonesty in government resulting in pervasive poverty among the people and the pursuant emergence of criminality all over the Country.  Graft and corrupt practices in government take place as a matter of course.  Destitution and misery among the citizens come about as the eventual consequences of governance for personal gains instead of public service.  Criminals – dangerous and deadly – then come to fore, causing more social havoc and unrest among  the already downtrodden people.

On the occasion of the fast approaching Elections 2016, the candidates for national Offices in particular such as the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President, have all started proclaiming their personal attributions, their individual opted program of government with their professed priority agenda when elected into the said Office.  At this juncture, it is but right and proper to point out that said proclamations are either credible or incredible, tenable or untenable.  But whatever they be and whoever makes them, the more fundamental questions to ask are the following:  First, who is the candidate who sounds credible and tenable?  Second, who is the candidate who appears competent and sincere?  Third, who is the candidate who seems to be active and diligent?

No.  This is not to seek any superhuman to govern the Country, to lead a Nation, to serve a people.  This is simply intended to say that there is an urgent  and ardent need for voters to see beyond personalities and to listen through but rhetorical proclamations – considering the deadly realities of dishonesty, poverty, and criminality that crucify the Filipinos 24/7, that makes the Philippines a big liability for honest business to come and enriching industry to stay, that make Filipinos but profitable OFWs.  Yes.  This is to emphasize the ground reality that it is about time for the voters to look and see beyond the mask and fa├žade  of those seeking their support, wooing their votes.

One election after another and the Country is anything but a place where truth prevails, where justice rules and peace reigns.  And one government after another and the Filipinos are still looking for competence and integrity in their leaders, specially in the national level.  Question: Why is it that really able and truly honest individuals shun away from politics?  Answer:    It is precisely because politics in this Country has become synonymous with incompetence and dishonesty.  Or to say it with all sincerity and truth, Philippine politics equals graft and corruption.  This is sad but true.  This is a pity but it is the reality.

Will there ever be a time when candidates for election – once elected into office – prove that politics in the Country is in the realm of the ability to govern, the capacity to lead, the honesty to serve?  Is this but an “Impossible Dream”?  Would that  such still remain in the sphere of the possible – in the domain of the probable even.  Then, there is still hope for the Filipinos as a people.  Hence, the imperative for the voters to cast their votes wisely and see to it that their votes are well counted.