Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Critical – panicky, contentious, dangerous – times are here again as the May 2016 Election is slowly coming to fore.  Superlative self-praises plus egoistic claims as well as a quasi unlimited flow of money asked for what and received from whom concretely, only their avid recipients really know, why and how much – for purposes of political advertisements plus political sorties plus political appearances plus political stage shows plus political give-aways, etc. etc.  are becoming the infallible signs of the times as a matter of course.  But the most critical times are immediately before, during and after the elections.  And these disturbing and unsettling times have much to do with the following particulars:

Who are really the national and local political candidates worth believing in their many loud and proud claims of ability, honesty plus personal heroic self-praises?  Who are truly those who are truly competent to govern, who are honest in their action and reaction patterns as public officials? Who are actually those with the genuine intention and realistic vision to promote public good for public welfare eventually leading to socio-economic development? All these are irrelevant as a matter of course to those who are with but hallucinatory claiming of knowing all and doing all.  But even those alleging their superior talents, special resolves, making magical promises one after another:  Voters beware!  The truth is that the sad reality of incompetence is alive and living in all branches of governments – such as even in the long since chief-in-Command living in a palace who does not even know the meaning and implications of the Chain-of-Command.  The Luneta Hostage plus the Atimonan Debacle plus the Mamasapano Massacre are  three sterling proofs of all talks, no words, no truth.

One election after another, one President after another, one Congress after another, one governor and mayor after – and where is the Philippines now, how are the Filipinos today?  They continue to leave the Country one after another to find work – never mind the danger in foreign lands.  And those left behind, they nonchalantly manufacture, buy, sell and use more and more prohibited drugs.  They look at night-time and daytime  criminality as a matter of fact. Stealing wallets to cell phones, bikes to motorcycles to cars – so what?  Children and adults search the garbage from food stores to gather remnants of food they could find.  They go to garbage mountains looking for anything they can sell.  They live under bridges, by the canals, by the sidewalks as a matter of fact – this is saying nothing about the children being in the streets, running after cars begging for alms.

What then is the over-all message of all such detestable and deplorable phenomena long since obtaining  in the country – specially to voters on the forthcoming elections.  Vote for candidates you know will be there for the people – not for themselves.  PLEASE!  Vote for candidates who will work for you – not for their dynasties.  PLEASE!  And lastly but most importantly, vote for candidates who show signs of competence, integrity, industry – PLEASE!

Lastly, in the event that you come to know that the votes were not properly counted – together with the millions of votes – then stand up and BE COUNTED!  You are the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE!