Monday, January 18, 2016


There is this rather well known gentleman who has been long since aspiring for election as the President of the Philippines. His repeated attempts however to aspire for the said national Office has been likewise repeatedly considered as futile such that he was consistently qualified but as a “nuisance candidate”  - someone who is looked upon as but a dreamer living in Cloud 9. It is a known fact that the centerpiece of his political aspiration is to make Philippines another State of the North America. By this time, he must be happy and contented to know that even without him being elected to the highest government  Office in the Country, his over-all vision and key aspiration are slowly but surely becoming ground reality.

It all started with the American occupation of the Philippines – something that was dismantled by the Japanese invasion which was later on overthrown by a subsequent  American conquest of this Country. Then came the US Clark Air Base that in reality was dismantled and taken out of the Country only after American environ experts foresaw the devastating eruption of a near-by volcano – something that the Philippine government was then basically ignorant about.

For one reason or another, USA so loves and cared for the Philippines that the following progressive military embraces came about: The 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty. The 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement. The 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement. Truth  to tell, all these beautifully worded military concordance mean one and the same thing, viz., USA welcomes war but do it far from its territory, using the Philippines among other things as its frontline of defense, making the Filipinos some kind of its water boys and service-women.

A case in point is the recent disgusting and degrading case of a full pledged member of the US Armed Forces. While on land, he sought the carnal attention and action of someone who appeared like a woman. He eventually found out that he was in fact a man. What eventually happened? He held firmly and drowned him to death in a toilet bowl. Verdict of the of the Philippine Court: “Guilty!” Pursuant option and decision of the USA: It should have basic custody of the American murdering a Filipino. Eventual conclusion by the Philippine government: So be it!

But going back to EDCA said to be in accord with VFA said to pursuant  to MDT and said to be consonant even with the 1987 Philippine Constitution, it is but in accord with reason and ethics to cite even but few formal and expressed provisions  therein written down as nothing less than a part of its Preamble: “We, the sovereign Filipino people... in order to ... secure to ourselves and posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace ... promulgates this Constitution.”

Independence? With the Philippines offering the USA to have no less than eight Military Bases in the Philippines?

Democracy? With but the President on his own authoring and authorizing the said “Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement”?

Equality? With possible downright local crimes committed by members of the US Armed Forces remaining subject to American supervision of the criminals?

What’s next?