Friday, January 01, 2016

Time Is A Continuum

This is but an observation: that time is linear and not circular.  Translation:  It began with the coming of the first human couple on earth.  Then on and on it goes, never to turn back whereas, precisely only onwards and onwards too it continues.  In fact, when someone mentions the present, this is already past.  And this is not but poetry but downright reality.  Still, it has to be accepted that the hopeless romantics prefer to think and feel otherwise – time stands still when they are in  love.  But just the same, such does not make them in possession of the objective reality called “time”.

To be more clear – if this were at all possible for those who take time for granted and wherefore, without the desire of really understanding its reality – time is a continuum, time is like one breath instantly after another – without ever stopping from the instant the breathing began.  Thus it is that just as time is a concatenation of instances, it can also be viewed as a tight hook-up of instances or movements in one continuum that goes on and on from the time it began.

It is for this reason that the life of every human being starts with the first movement it makes by precisely being conceived – even when the movement can be traced to the conceiving mother with the so-called “peristaltic” movement  of her womb.  Thus it is that human life does not really begin but with one’s birth – but  long before that.  Let it be well-noted though, that while the baby may stop its being a baby on account of his/her mother’s death, the same continues existence in the “world without end” – in the realm of the everlasting where time is irrelevant.

Time is always now.  While it might be not easy to decipher and even harder to altogether understand and accordingly accept, the truth is time is always now – neither before nor after.  This is only meant to say that time is actually nothing else than its immediate and instant transit from before to after – without being either one or the other, much less both.  This is the basis of the Latin saying  “Carpe diem!”  Meaning: “Catch the day!” -  precisely because once time is noted, gone it is.

There is also the well-known maxim that says “Now or never!”  While the saying is usually invoked with the intention of insisting on something to be immediately done, brought to a more realistic order, the phrase means that when “now” is gone, “never” or nothing at all can make it come back – something which is profoundly true.  There is also the joke that says “I love you before but now no more.”  This is because “before” is never “now” in the same way that “now” can neither be “before”.

And there is another rather truism that says “Speak now or forever remain silent.”  This is an injunction that urges admission about something wrong or evil done.  So is it that just as “now” excludes “forever”, in the same way “forever” is a contradiction of “now” – one automatically excludes the other.  The “now” thus is given a priority in urgency such that when nothing is said here and now, nothing should also be said ever.

Conclusion:  No year is ever  new  - in the same way that new year is ever old.  This means that “Happy New Year!” is but a fond greeting  - not something to be taken in the sphere of realities.  What is old or new is the calendar – not the time which is always here and now.  So is it that time is done away – no time is new or old – with but the coming of the “everlasting”.  Ok. Ok. So just the same:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!