Friday, January 22, 2016


Lately, a nationally known and well-admired personality passed away – after many pains and discomforts due to this and that illness.  He was mourned much by those who loved him dearly, admired him much.  So it was that after his many good friends who loved and cherished him had the chance to visit his remains and prayed for his eternal repose, he was laid to rest in peace.  Needless to say, he is not really alone in being such an appreciated and admired personality to the extent that people from all regions in the Country mourned his passing away.  Yet, with but truth in mind, even good and admirable people eventually come to the end of their lives  - no matter how much good they have done, notwithstanding  how many individuals were the beneficiaries of their love, care, and generosity.  In other words, just as every individual has his/her beginning in the womb of their mothers, so it is that all of them has his/her ending in the womb of the earth.

But after all is said and done, there is one ground reality, one indisputable truth that come to mind in the realm of human birth and death.   This:  Thank God for the gift of life but thank God as well for the eventuality of death!  Why?

Because:  As one grows older, so too he becomes weaker and sicker plus the experience of more and more discomfort and pains – not unless he dies young and fast which is neither something to expect nor to rejoice about.  But the truth of the matter is that the older, the weaker and sicker someone becomes, the more individuals he needs to be around for help, the more medicines he has to have and take, the more expenses are thus incurred – not to mention  the usually required interventions of physicians only but a few of whom generously render their expert services for free.  But when someone seriously ill is made to enter a hospital – be this supposedly a public and free uncomfortable home for the sick notwithstanding, despite of all unexpected discounts for senior patients.

More:  As someone grows older and older, the more and more dependent he becomes, the more and more pains he feels in the same way that the more and more forgetful he becomes, the less and less he sees just as the less and less he is good to look at – with the if not probability if not certitude that more and more of his relatives and friends also suffer one way or another precisely because of his sufferings they see and witness on the part of someone they cherish. So it is that when the individual concerned dies or passes away, it is understandable that his relatives and friends in effect eventually becomes relieved – although sorrowful and tearful they also are.

It is not hard to imagine how terrible life would be without death!  To live one’s earthly life forever – this would be eventually a curse here and now.  Why?  Because evil is found here and there, misfortune and disaster come and go, sickness and pain are inseparable pairing.  In other words, woe to those who live on and on and on here and now when aging, sickness, pain and sorrows are standard companions.

Conclusions:  Thank the Good Lord there is life after life – with death being but simply the momentary means of transit from life here and now to life thereafter and beyond.  Death is the means of one’s ascendance from the natural order to the sphere of the supernatural.  Death is an ending for a new beginning!