Monday, January 25, 2016


While many people ask may questions as a matter if fact and while the answers given thereto are either true OR false, either acceptable, incredible or nonsense, there are nevertheless certain key, timely and relevant questions that are in search of honest to goodness truth or really satisfying answers which however seem to be instead rather illusive if not simply ridiculous.  As of this time and under the circumstances now obtaining in the Country on the occasion of the forthcoming 2016 Election, perhaps – just perhaps – the following questions are in order, the satisfying answers to which however might not be either acceptable or satisfactory even but in the light of simple or elementary reason – without however in any way saying that the answers to such questions are really unknown.

Question: What is the so-called “Gun Ban”?  To whom does it apply?  How is it complied with?  This question has relevance to the common tao, to the legitimate gun owners plus the criminals who are becoming more and more in number and in brutality.  All of them definitely  covered by the ban.  So it is that when they are caught  carrying guns outside their homes or their safe-houses, they are handled and treated as provided by law.  But what about the constituents of the NPA, the MNLF, the MILF, the BIFF, the ISIS and other groupings precisely identified with gun manufacturing and gun possession plus gun tooting?  Are they also governed by the “Gun Ban” – or are they in fact exempted from it as a matter-of-fact, considering that they are one with their guns just as their guns are one with them, with both identifying one another? And this is saying nothing about the infamous three Gs – “Guns. Goons. Gold.” – that have become a habitual accompaniment of  Philippine elections.

Question:  What is the meaning of the prohibition to launch political campaigns prior to the time determined by law and affirmed by COMELEC?  What about the one too many and expensive tri-media so called “Paid Advertisement” whereby political candidates say how good they are, how much they have done, how much more they intend to do, who are they, etc., etc?  And what about the likewise long since on-going de facto political campaigns made through different-sized and well-colored tarpaulins hung here and there for the general public to see? And all these are not political campaigns?  All these are not covered by the “Election Ban”?  And they are still according to the intent and spirit of the law?

Question: Why is there evident lack of truly competent, really trustworthy and dependable election candidates from the local to the national levels of government?  Why is it that long since, the electorate  have but the less suspect, the less questionable and  capable plus one too many dynastic political candidates running for election?   Where are the good, able and honest individuals who are well qualified to go for it, to hold and to exercise public offices?     Is politics in this country so dirty, so corrupt and corrupting that truly decent, able and dependable men and women stay far from it?

Philippines my Philippines!  What’s happening?  You are governed by questionable if not corrupt and corrupting governments one after another.  You remain poor and underdeveloped long since.  You are gradually being owned by Uncle Sam as you become more and more the target of Uncle Ming.  Honest, orderly, peaceful, clean and credible elections?  What’s that?  Just asking.