Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Long is the litany of the headaches and heartaches, the complaints and regrets that have been long since experienced and accordingly expressed by Filipinos all over the Country – except the beneficiaries of the present administration such as the “ka-cosa” of their boss still occupying the Palace to this date.  The still ruling government has caused and is leaving behind a litany of woes and worries among ordinary citizens – the powerless and the poor in particular.  One thing is quite interesting:  The same boss thinks and believes that he has done so great and so well to the Country and to the people – leaving them with a blessed present and a promising future.  Considering that the Chief-in-Command of the Philippines does not really know what is happening to the citizens and does not really care to know what is going on in the Country – notwithstanding all  his pretentious rhetorical claims to the contrary – it is not surprising that his bosom buddies tell him how great he is, how much he has done, how distinguished is his leadership, how enviable are his accomplishments.  And he listens.  And he believes.

The industrial sector is doing great.  The agricultural community is blessed.  Business is at its best.  The socio-economic development of the Country is secured.  Justice and peace reign.  There were no poor in sight.  The beggars disappeared .  The APEC leaders were in fact very impressed.  The streets are wide and clean.  There is greenery all over.  More.  There is housing for all in Luzon, in the Visayas and in Mindanao – all destructive and deadly typhoons notwithstanding.  The squatters under the bridges, by the canals, at the sidewalks are wallowing in peace and contentment.  The present is blessed and the future is secured.  Blessed is the one soon moving into the grandeur of MalacaƱang by the river banks where the waters are clean, pure and crystalline.  The Country is indeed full of grace and the citizens are much truly blessed and fortunate.  Really?

What about the institutionalized graft and corrupt practices in the handling of public funds – such as handlers of the so-called “Discretionary Fund”?  As where there are thieveries 24/7, where must be the thieves?  In the same way, there must be robbers when there are robberies.  Where are they all?

What about the manufacture and distribution of prohibited drugs?  After so many raids here and there, after so many confiscations of drugs day and night, where are not only the drug addicts but where are the   drug dealers plus the drugs themselves?  There must be something of a merry-go-round in this big deadly phenomenon.

What about the administration of justice in order to bring about peace?  In the absence of justice, there is infallibly injustice.  Thousands upon thousands of cases are filed and piled before the Courts all over the land.  How come it practically takes a lifetime for cases to be resolved, for convicts to be named?

And what about all kinds of taxes imposed on the people from birth to death?  How come many workers cannot even find work except out of their own Country, leaving their families behind and yet keeping the Philippines economically afloat through the dollar remittances?  How come even the Bilibid Prison is a place for relaxation and good time – with those therein even running criminal syndicates in the Country?  And how come even but a terrible traffic situation could not be solved?  It cannot be worst – not unless someone claiming omniscience plus omnipotence becomes the head of this already pitiful Republic.