Monday, January 04, 2016


Never mind the passing of the happy Christmas Season.  Never mind the gone day of the happy New Year.  The happy days of the 2016 Elections are certainly here – again!  And never mind the trouble and confusion during the election day itself nor the dismay and disgust on the post-election period.  Never mind too if on the occasion of the election, the public coffers are emptied, the people fooled, the poor are bought.  And never mind also when votes are not counted, when criminals come to fore, when lives are threatened if not actually lost.  And never mind as well if because of the election, there is proliferation of mediocre if not amoral stage shows, a deluge of tiresome oratories plus a tsunami of big but empty promises.  So it is that Happy days are here again – the gone happy days of Christmas and of New Year notwithstanding.  Christmas is but one day.  New Year is but another day.  But the happy days brought by the 2016 Election are  no less than five whole months.  And more even happen thereafter.

The 2016 National Budget of a whopping  Phil. Pesos 3,000,000,000,000+ is manifestly designed by the head-politico in power particularly to fund the many advertisement needs, the numerous sorties and many give-away of his chosen comrade in politics for the latter to win the election – no matter how.  This is really when the money of the people, rich and poor alike, grabbed by the still incumbent administration through all conceivable forms of direct and indirect taxes – the PPP included – are returned to them to have if not to buy their votes one way or another.  And the “Kayo ang Boss ko.”  - translation:  “Ako ang Boss ninyo.” – has an ardent and cogent reason to do so.  This:  The moment his chosen candidate does not get elected, then he is in for a lot of trouble such as in terms of his many unconstitutional acts and designs – together with his powerful money holder and faithful distributor.

So it is that one particular reality comes to mind: The litany of debacles of the pretentious  patron makes it ultra hard for his chosen led candidate to win the election – fair and square.  The glaring fiasco here and there brought about by the former makes it extra difficult for the latter to have the affirming votes of the general public.  So is it that the lead candidate of the administration precisely gets  consistently very  low in approval ratings in practically all surveys.  There must be a rather good reason for such a rejection of the patron although the candidate himself is not really that alienating in person and  conduct.

Be what it may, happy days are here again!  There is the progressively bitter accusations and counter-accusations long since going on before the Comelec – without sparing the Supreme Court.  There is the phenomenon of the so-called “Political Butterflies” who continuously seek more honeyed and thus more influential Political Parties.  This is saying nothing about the ubiquitous propaganda posters and leaflets which eventually become piles of garbage in aid of Climate Change.

But then, the post-election days are in effect even happier.  Thereafter, practically all candidates claim that they are winners.  So is it that when candidates lose the election, they simply say and insist they were cheated.  Interesting.  Surely:  Happy days are here again!