Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It is a given that there are some individuals who are exceptional in their religious beliefs and convictions, that there are certain personalities who are singular in their spiritual perceptions and conclusions, pursuant desires and designs.  Yes, there are already more than enough of these and those denominational groupings and sectarian entities.  But history is the living witness that as they slowly come about, so likewise slowly they ultimately go until they are altogether gone – with many of them not even making it into the pages of local, much less world history.  This is in no way meant to belittle, much less to demean their founders.  This is merely intended to call attention to the fact that as such different  churches, various sects and denominations eventually come about one after another, so too they eventually – slowly but surely – disappear  in the course of time, for one reason or another.

In the last analysis, the innate temporality of the said religious – pious, spiritual, holy – denominational foundations is squarely premised on but likewise  the temporality of the life of their founders plus the novelty of their foundation.  Although they usually pass on their religious establishments to the ownership and management of members of their family one after another, it is a well-given historical reality that their relatives are not all that competent and charismatic to keep their inherited religious organizations  stable and existent.  An inherited church, sect and/or denomination ipso facto has an ingrained liability – even but taking into consideration the different interest, capacity and industry of their heirs one after another in the course of time.

It is not altogether unlikely that the different members of given human family – charged with heading and running the family church, also have different talents and liabilities, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses – in the same way that they have different interests and preferences, skills and liabilities.  And on the matter  of these and those inherited sects, faiths and religions – and there is a good number of these realities in the Philippines – while their different original founders could have the ardor plus skill in founding and managing them – those taking over  their management are not necessarily the same in skill and command.

All the above factors simply mean that sooner or later, this and that sectarian foundation – whose continued existence and operation are left at the hands of basically the children, grandchildren, etc., etc. of their founders – sooner or later fold up primarily because the heir-successors of the foundation one after another, do not have the fervor and the ingenuity of the founder himself.  So it is that as the pious entity begins to grow in influence and scope basically due to the conviction and ingenuity of its original initiator, in due time the same sectarian organization begins to crumble slowly but surely as successors in its management likewise begin to feel antipathy, distrust, disgust and hatred even towards one another.  Thus starts division and subdivision, usually including the eventual ending or disappearance of the merely human organization.

They come and go, with some staying longer than others.  Sad but true – their ultimate ending is already ascertained even before they in fact began.  Reason: As no man is forever, so is it too that no merely human authored entity is forever.  And such is the destiny of but humanly founded churches, sects, denominations.