Wednesday, January 27, 2016


As previously somehow noted and written about, there is a rather well-known morning  radio program which by way of Introduction has the above quoted not only funny but also sarcastic – clear and loud – exclamation of “Ay naku!” made by a young boy.  In other words, when the still reigning supreme Head of State proudly exclaims his well-recorded “Daan Matuid”, the little boy immediately follow saying “Ay naku!”.  So is it too when thereafter the same still ruling Chief-in-Command loudly proclaims his likewise clearly recorded “Kayo ang boss ko!” Immediately  thereafter too goes the same boy exclaiming “Ay naku!”  Translation: Please, Mister Palatial Malacañang occupant, stop saying such nonsense because the truth is that your “daan” is anything but “matuid” and the reality is that the people are anything but your “boss”.  Translation:  Be real, be truthful – please!

So it is that the “Ay naku!” exclamation is not only but a funny invocation whereas among other things, it also means the one himself provoking the said counter reaction by but a little boy, either did not know what he was saying – or was simply made to say what he did not really understand.  So it is that for the above reason – plus many other really either ridiculous or deleterious causes – political candidates for the 2016 Elections should be the last ones to invoke or repeat the same hallucinatory presidential claims.  it is then a mortal mistake for anyone  such as the leading bet himself of the  still gloriously ruling Malacañang resident to but repeat exactly the same mantra “Daang matuid.”

Why? It is because more and more anomalies are being unearthed about the wrong things done and the good things left undone by the one and only Big Boss in the Country.  It is because his incompetence plus indolence are becoming more and more noticeable and accordingly taken into account.  It is because it is ground reality that there are more and more poor  and miserable Filipinos who live in the sidewalks, who pick garbage for a living and thus eat but once or twice a day.  It is because there are more and more crimes in the streets, more and more drug sellers and users vis-à-vis  more and more luxurious prisons.

So it is that the so-called “Contra Pinoy Rallies” for one deleterious reason or another continue here and there.  So it is that one either detestable or laughable :Pinoy Effigy” are repeatedly made and burned.  So it is that more and more people become angry at their honest-to-goodness Boss.  So it is that his alter ego candidate for the 2016 Election continues to get rather low approval ratings in one survey after another.  And so it is that the same lead-candidate should stop repeating the irritating and overused platitude “Daang Matuid” – for his own good.

By the way, one truly lamentable and really repulsive phenomenon in the mind and preoccupation of a good number of Filipinos is that if and when the said chief candidate of the Big Boss wins the forthcoming election, the latter would be practically immune to any and all cases of no less than the Philippine Constitution – in addition to all abuse of power or misuse of authority.  The cases that immediately come to mind are the MAMASAPANO massacre, the EDCA – among other suspect acta.