Monday, January 11, 2016


Conscience is consciousness of the distinction between right and wrong, between good and evil according to right reason and pursuant to the rule of ethics – if not also in accord with the norm of morals in the light of faith – whereby the sound and sane human person recognizes the ethical and/or moral quality of a concrete action.  So it is that individuals with functional right conscience are assets to their families, to society in general and to the Country as a whole.  In the same way, those with dysfunctional conscience whereby what matters is what they like to do – not what is right or wrong to do – are some kind of a curse to all others.

There are some expressions usually said and heard among the common tao that show both the significance and relevance of conscience in their day-to-day living – such as the following:  Use your conscience.” i.e., be aware of what is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to avoid and act accordingly as one should.  “Follow your conscience.”  i.e., do what you know is right and abstain from doing what you know is wrong as mandated even but  elementary civility and respect for what should be done or avoided among fellowmen.  “You have no conscience.”  i.e., what you like you do or do as you please, what is right or what is wrong does not really matter, what is important is what you want, pleases you, what you desire.  The good or bad of others – never mind!

So it is that while conscience or the lack thereof is something very relevant in one’s day to day living – during his/her conscious moments – it acquires a more fundamental and profound significance in the realm of politics, in ethically and/or morally weighing the acts done and the proclaimed agenda of the politicians already in office as well as in checking on the value system of those aspiring for national and local public offices on the occasion of the fast-approaching 2016 Elections.  Woe to the general public if anyone in tenure of the power of governance lives and acts with no conscience – something that eventually brings about the misery of the people.  The Filipinos have been long since duped by politicians in power – with most of those now aspiring for powerful elective offices having the same unethical if not also amoral action and reaction patterns.

And this brings to fore as well the significance and relevance of conscience on the part of those with the right to vote.  Herewith goes the importance and implication of those with the burden and commitment of having the votes rightly counted.  So it is that in the last analysis, the triangle composed by the respective conscience of the political candidates, the voters, and the vote counters is a clear and urgent imperative for the good of the Country and the welfare of the people.  So it is the lack of conscience on the part of even but one of the constitutive elements of said reality triangle ultimately means the triumph of evil in Philippine society.

The customary graft and corrupt practices in practically all sectors of the government and in all levels thereof, the commission of criminal acts day and night in all regions of the Country, the pitiful working of the Justice System plus the sickening realities revealed in the national Bilibid Prison itself – these are but some of the liabilities already long since existing in the Philippines basically for lack of conscience on the part of those concerned.  And the same will continue to exist even after the present regime is gone and a new one likewise without conscience takes its place on the occasion of the forthcoming elections.