Friday, January 15, 2016


One bad news after another has been the misfortune of the Philippines long since.  Such is the sad plight of the Country and its people during the incumbency of a supreme and central government figure one after another.  So is it that some Filipinos simply say that in the absence of any bad news in a day, such would be one extra good news!  Come to think of it – just in five years that passed, from the infamous Luneta Hostage to the horrendous SAF 44 Massacre – one bad news after another is the daily bread of Filipinos.  Just mention the word “Traffic” and many of them practically go berserk – angry, mad, wild.  So it is that bad news is the daily bread of the People of the Philippines.

But there is one really big bad world news getting global attention nowadays.  it is the marked dissent between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Reason:  Such profound, strong and even deadly alienation in effect also means the dissent between North America and Russia, between Britain and Chine – with their respective Third World Countries in tow.  In other words, such world dissension cannot but also readily bring about the collapse of world economy, the folding up of trade and industry all of which in effect equal a progressive retro-development phenomenon.  It is not hard to fathom that word dissent could readily bring about nothing less than a very deadly world war that makes people annihilate one another.

So is it that even now, the American dollar as well as the Euro are undergoing progressive devaluation in their purchasing power – with China already having devaluated its own currency.  It  might be worth saying that the Philippines has already experienced  such a deadly devaluation during the second World War when literally one sack of money was needed to buy but one “ganta” of rice, when hunger and sickness became but matter-of-fact realities, when living was a sacrifice and dying was but a matter of course. And the said Word War II ushered in the making and dropping of the infamous Atomic Bombs.  And it is not a secret that modern weaponry is very much more destructive and deadly than before – in addition to their widespread ownership among First World Countries.

There is one signal truth that comes to mind when very deadly weapons are manufactured and tested, when Armed Forces are prepared and ready to go to war, when violent if not also  horrible death squads become a common world feature such as the existence of the so-called “Suicide Bombers” – usually on account of blatantly wrong religious beliefs if not consummate atheism – in fact have the guns and other deadly weapons they need and use.  Such fearsome and detestable realities strongly forwards the truth that there must be evil spirits in the world tearing it apart.  There must be demons making people kill one another as a matter of course.  And so it is that there are individuals allowing themselves to be used by satanic beings to kill and annihilate one another, to main and eventually to get rid of humanity itself.  This eerie but true.

The inhumanity of man to man is long since a fact.  And such a phenomenon has always been and still is one big bad news for humanity itself.  The worst news is that the said human liability is in fact becoming even worst.  Woe to man if he uses his mind to think, plan and do what is evil for others, thereby making himself in effect heartless!