Wednesday, January 13, 2016


These are times that try men’s souls – or something the like. In other words, with but candor at heart and reality in mind, the outgoing Chief-in-Command is soon leaving his office with more and more people depressed by his futile declamations and angered by his enigmatic if not absurd action and reaction patterns.  It is then understandable why a certain rather popular morning radio program came up with the funny but also revealing idea of having a boy poignantly exclaiming “Ay naku!” every time the  said national political figure says with pride and glee the already tiring and depressing hurrahs of “Matuid na Daan” and “Kayo ang boss ko.”  It is rather easy to laugh and enjoy the banter than to consider it something improper and impolite – knowing what the sovereign speaker has been doing and not doing for the past five years.

“Our country’s soaring economy, robust democracy and magnified presence on the global stage not only promise a great start to the coming year, but also highlight the Philippines’ on-going narrative of resurgence under the daang matuid.”  (Quoted from the incumbent President’s message to the people on the occasion of the new year.)  After hearing/reading such a Cloud 9 pronouncement, with respect towards all and with malice towards none, it is becoming harder and harder to think that the said illustrious individual really knows what he is thinking, what he is saying.  Among other things, some thoughts/questions come to mind – after reading or hearing the above cited portion of the message:

Ha?  What is happening?  Who wrote the Message?  Why was it written at all?  Is it the product of imagination or the fruit of hallucination?  How on earth could such a positivistic allegation and super-egoistic claim be made?  Did the Message bearer really know and understand the Message he himself gave?

Huh!  A “soaring economy, a robust democracy”?  These are not lies really but simply delusions.  They are not meant to actually fool people but merely to entertain them.  Most probably if not surely, even the giver himself of the Message does not know that massaging the pains and woes of the people no longer works.

Ho-ho!  Presence of the Philippines “on the global stage…promise of a great start.”  Yes, the Philippines is on the global stage but simply as the footstool of Uncle Sam and the latter’s bait to China.  How could someone supposedly full of wisdom and knowledge even but dare claim exactly the contrary?

Ha-ha! The Philippines is having an "on-going resurgence”.  Not an on-going fall in economy and development? Not an on-going resurgence of want and criminality?  Not an on-going emergence of injustice and dissent?  Not an on-going depreciation and ridicule of incompetent and insensitive governance?

The “daang matuid” – Come on, enough is enough!

It is the truth that sets people free, that brings about justice, that paves the way to peace, that is the anchorage of progress and development.  Certainly not delusions of grandeur.  Much less but hallucinations.