Monday, December 07, 2015


Someone sometime ago made not only an inspiring but also a challenging public address about the wrong things in his country, the wrong mind frame of  its many public officials with their given questionable mentality and consequent  wrong value system in governing the people.  Before a huge gathering of Americans, he delivered his well-timed address that became famous worldwide and that stirred the thinking and moved the feelings of a big number of people who heard or read what he said in all sincerity and candor.  The address became historical and the dream gradually became a reality one way or another.  The over-all objective, content, and intent of the address were forwarded and affirmed, heard and appreciated the world over with the simple introductory words “I have a dream...”  So it is that with the spirit and perspective of the great M.L. King, this we now say:  We have a dream – in the context of the so many frustrations and lamentations of the People of the Philippines with the present government in mind and possibly even the forthcoming 2016 Elections at heart:

We have a dream.  To be eventually blessed with a government whose officials are known, admired and appreciated for their given competence, proven integrity and, manifest industry such that they really deserve the public offices they have and hold as our elected or appointed public authorities.

We have a dream.  To have an enabled Executive Department, a Legislative Department that is really co-equal and a truly independent Judiciary – all united for a three-fold public service to the Country  and its people, contrary to elements of dictatorship such as when the Chief Executive dictates upon the Legislators and threatens the Judiciary.

We have a dream.  To know that so many kinds of taxes we continuously pay the government are really used for the maintenance of public welfare, for the promotion of the common good as demanded by Distributive Justice that makes the Government give back to the people most of what is receives from them.

We have a dream.  To have and to use public utilities that are duly financed and accordingly maintained with public funds for the good and benefit of the general public such as in terms of transportation facilities, safety provisions, and health services not only in cities but also in urban areas.

We have a dream.  To live in a basically crime and drug free Country where human lives are considered priceless, where women and children are protected instead of being exploited, where the police authorities act as they should and where the streets are thus safe throughout the day.

We have a dream.  To see the poor receiving help instead of being used and even exploited, to decidedly redeem the miserable from their sub-human plight, to provide them with education not only with intellectual features but also with practical application and/or even professional objectives.

We have a dream.  To experience a really honest and truly peaceful, clearly orderly and actually credible 2016 Election.

We can dream, can’t we?