Monday, December 14, 2015


The absence of justice in the Philippines more specifically during the still present administration appears to be making injustice more and more acceptable in the Country.  The 24/7 criminal reality lived and witnessed by Filipinos from the  cities to the barangays – such as in terms of murders and massacres, customary graft and corrupt practices, nonchalant illegal drug manufacture, sale and use, violence against women and girls and other nauseating and detestable acts and behaviors – seem to attract the Filipinos to have a perceived prime and supreme “Crime Buster” incarnate occupy the highest public office in the land.

In other words, in order to have justice and peace in the Philippines, there seems to be a good number of Filipinos who are open to have if not actually decided to make someone who is  all-in-one prosecutor and judge and executor as the President of the Republic of the Philippines.  In other words, the felt hopelessness of having justice and peace in the Country as exhibited by the present administration, seems to draw many Filipinos to have a Chief “Prosecutor-Judge-Executor” as Commander-in-Chief, thus in effect making the Philippines anything but a Republic.

Such seems to be the errant option and misplaced preference of some Filipinos even but considering the following phenomena in the Country:  There was the Maguindanao Massacre of no less than 58 victims and almost six years after, not one of the many accused has been proven guilty.  There was the Mamasapano 44 murders, the murderers of whom are not even known to this date.  There are the Lumad killings, kidnappings and other atrocities committed against them – by whom, nobody seems to know, much less really want to know.  This  is not to mention these and those rather well-armed groups specially in Mindanao whose existence and rationale are not exactly for justice and peace in the Region, much less in the Country.

All those running for the Office of the President on the occasion of the forthcoming   2016 Election better know and remember that one of them thinks, believes and acts as if he is the one and only hope of the Filipinos, the one and only savior of the Philippines through a killing instinct without reserve nor remorse.  The message of such a disturbing and frustrating phenomenon is plain and simple: All the others now pursuing their election into the said Office should keep in mind that one of the fundamental needs and ardent desires of the People of the Philippines is the reign of justice in the Country – in addition to real and palpable socio-economic development.

The   People of the Philippines are not exactly looking for peace such as that reigning in cemeteries.  They are but craving for peace brought about  by social justice which is the composite of “commutative justice” between  individuals and society, “distributive justice” between  society/government and individuals.  The over-all features of justice in general is what is “fair and square”.

So it is that justice is not exactly brought about by killing everybody or somebody.  So it is too that someone who takes pride  in killing people is not really the incarnation of justice!