Wednesday, December 02, 2015


On account of the lack of competence, integrity, and industry on the part of the still reigning administration,  some of the detestable consequences of which are the proliferation of criminality, established  drug industry,  not to mention the nonchalant  graft and corrupt practices in public service, there is now someone who is aspiring to run the Country, to rule the people with the eager desire and avowed design to be not only the prosecutor nor simply the judge but also the killer himself of killers plus other criminals in the Philippines as well.

Human rights?  Never mind.  Due process?  That does not matter.  Distributive Justice? Such is pass√©.  Someone becomes truly dangerous with such an uncivilized mind frame and consequent behavioral pattern. The same individual in fact becomes deadly with such a super egoistic perception and personal conviction of self-righteousness.  And the same persona in effect even emerges the more deadly when in possession of national authority, when exercising countrywide governance.  Reason:  The individual then thinks he may do what he wants and not do what he does not want.  He knows everything and does anything.  This is omniscience and omnipotence which only God can, may and does claim.

There is also the matter of amorality – not simply immorality.  When some is immoral, he does something wrong while knowing what is right.  But when someone is already amoral, he does what he wants and does not do what he does not want to.  So it is without blinking an eye, the same individual publicly proclaims that he has not only wives but also women – with pride and pleasure.  For him, one husband equals more wives in the same way that one man equals more women.  This is egoism incarnate.  This is amorality in person.

No.  This is not but a question of religion.  His is the right to believe in the Catholic Church, the Pope, the Priests – or not.  His is the personal option even to believe in God or not.  These are all in the context of Freedom of Religion.  But to believe in oneself and despise everybody else, to claim that he is all-knowing as well as all-powerful and thus have the right to do what he wants – this is sick and sickening.  And if someone with such an errant and erratic self-perception ever acquire and hold, grab and exercise such a supra-human prerogatives, woe to his perceived stupid subjects, his supposed idiotic underlings.

There was the Spanish regime when Filipinos were treated like second-class human beings.  There was the Japanese occupation when the People of the Philippines were trampled upon as stepping stones to bigger conquests.  And there was the famous Dictatorship when the same citizens were looked down upon as having much less in rights and dignity than those then ruling them.  In the event that the individual above mentioned were to have the reigns of the Country and the pursuant rule over its people, then theirs would be substantially the same sad and pitiful plight.  Heaven forbid!

Yes, the Filipinos can be fooled.  Yes, they can be duped, they can be deceived.  But only if they want to.  But as Philippine History has it well-recorded, they know when to say enough is enough.