Friday, December 04, 2015


There must be something wrong  - very wrong – with humanity, all teachings of reason and ethics to the contrary, all scientific learning and professions notwithstanding, despite all human assets and all natural resources at hand.  It has enough land to live on and to live by.  It has many historical experiences and written records to draw lessons from.  It is covered by informative communications worldwide.  But all said beneficial assets, all fundamental resources and possibilities notwithstanding, humanity engages in deadly in-fighting, in downright murderous ventures, in open progressive human annihilation.  This is nothing less than the sad and sickening reality of the hideous  on-going and even ever growing phenomenon of “Humanity vs. Humanity”.  And when someone or something is against himself or itself, then it is nothing that ultimately comes about.

There is the frightful phenomenon of nonchalant massacres.  There is the gross reality of suicide bombers.  There is the thriving existence of ISIS – among other de officio killing groups.  These are but some of the more atrocious ventures of downright inhumanity of man to man.  Such ominous anti-human if not actually sub-human ventures bring about a good number of not merely saddening but also downright perplexing and disturbing questions:  What is wrong with humanity as such?  Is there but a number of men and women who are really evil “from head to foot” or nothing less than inhuman organizations with anti-human ventures as their essential and primary over-all objective.

What brings about such heartless human groupings with markedly sub-human objectives?  How could human beings become so inhuman?  Why is the killing of as many people as possible be the primary objective of certain groupings of humanity itself?  Since when is downright massacre of a big number of people call for a big celebration as well?

Or is there an innate and wherefore ingrained killer instinct in every human being?  Is humanity in the last analysis, nothing less than basically inhuman after all?  Or is such a deeply-rooted anti-human disposition something in-born in some people who thus consider it a great success and a signal victory to kill as many people as possible at any time, anywhere?

Or does belief in a divinity of one kind or another – whoever or whatever it be – makes its fervent believers nothing less than big and efficient murderers as well?  Then, what kind of divinity could such be, what kind of believers does it make?  Is “You shall kill”  but one of its fervent teachings such that the more one kills, the more blessed the killer becomes?

These are the times when people make definite and defined choices:  To cultivate love or to spread hatred.  To favor life or to promote death.  And there seems to be those who simply love to kill others – men, women, and children alike, at the same time and place.  And the more they kill, the more as well they rejoice and celebrate with pride and delight.  If such as posture is not a mental disturbance of one kind or another, then what is sanity? Indeed these are trying times – now and apparently in the days yet to come.