Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas  is the singular birth of life through nothing less than the deliberate design and united will of God the Father as the Origin of creation, the intervention of the Holy Spirit as the purveyor of life, the incarnation, birth and ministry of Christ as the Savior of humankind.  Briefly said then, Christmas is essentially the living birth of Christ to save human lives from death eternal.  So it is that the killing of innocent children – in the name of Christ – is a historical day of mourning.

It is a world-known truth that God Himself gave but Ten Commandments – no more, no less, one of which is precisely the solemn mandate “You shall not kill.”  - to rule the world, to guide humanity, to safeguard and promote social order.  It is said that history is the best teacher.  And it is nothing else than history that repeatedly and insistently teaches  that killing eventually generates killing as well among families and  communities, among countries and regions.  As nobody – yes, no one – owns his life precisely because he did not give to himself – so it is that nobody as well may put an end to his life.  This would be somebody taking away what he does not own because he did not give life to himself.  This is neither a truth difficult to understand, nor a fact hard to know.

As nobody – yes, nobody – owns his life, neither may anyone end it for whatever reason, do away with it for whatever cause precisely he did not give it to himself, does not own it.  No less than God Himself gave life to man and only God Himself may take it away.  There is nothing that profound nor complex about this truth. In fact, is there anything more precious than life?  While in the realm of faith there is life after death, in the here and now what is there without life? There is a whale of a difference between in fact defending one’s life by killing another in self-defense – than killing someone for whatever other reason.  The fundamental intention here is to save one’s own life by actually killing the one intending to kill the former.  One thing is killing someone for whatever cause – and saving oneself  that demands the killing of somebody precisely  with intent in killing the former.  As it is bad to kill, it is good to protect, to save one’s life.

It is a well-known secret that in the Philippines today, there are people killing in practically all nooks and corners, at any time of the day, any day of the year.  There are killers for their personal reasons.  There are killers for their given causes.  There are killers because killing is their culture and tradition.  Lately, there is someone who is proud of killing people and who at the same time paradoxically considers himself as the savior of the people.  And recently  came into the scene someone who with pomp  and pride proclaimed himself as a killer of supposedly bad people.  He felt so righteous that he was quoted saying – in the event that he becomes no less than the President of the Philippines: “Funeral parlors would triple their job.”