Monday, November 30, 2015


This is not meant to say that the present  Administration has done absolutely nothing good for the past 5-6 years.  It is simply intended to state that to this date, it has done very much less than what it continues to claim and proclaim. Neither is this intended to say  that the same administration has not even tried to do something  beneficial for the Country and its people.  This is but to affirm what is already of common knowledge long since – such as its marked administrative liability, manifest governing incompetence so that the supposedly leader is the one being led, simply saying what he is told, merely reading what is written down for him.

It is but noting the ground reality that it has done much harm to the Philippines that the Filipinos today and the next generation yet to come will have to bear and suffer for – such as in terms of  the institutionalization of graft and corrupt practices in many government agencies, the progressive increase of the national foreign debt vis-à-vis the interminable collection of taxes of many kinds bearing different titles, the conversion of certain public utilities into business ventures through the infamous PPP, the proliferation  of criminal elements plus practically omnipresent drug trade – not to mention the vanishing middle class in the socio-economic structure of Philippine society productive of the on-going increase of very poor and miserable people openly camping in the sidewalks such that the government finds it necessary to hide them from the sight of high-ranking foreign visitors.

That is why more and more thinking people are likewise more and more alienated  - appalled, angry, disgusted – with the still present Administration as readily seen, read and heard through the tri-media.  So it is that through the last Survey done by a known entity on the occasion of the forthcoming 2016 Elections in the presidential level – the result of which may not be exact but still remains basically true – the following came to fore:

An apparently no-nonsense local public official obtained the highest rating for the Presidency.  Reason:  He is known for his no-nonsense stand against criminality, drug syndicates and shenanigans in government.

A neophyte in government was the second choice, considering that the same appears simple and sincere, honest and credible – all questions about the latter’s constitutional qualifications notwithstanding.

The candidate of the out-going supreme government official came out as one of the last in acceptance – not really because of his person and professional qualifications but simply because of the governing fiasco of his sponsor.

Needless to say, many things in many ways may change among many people in the course of time such that there could also be eventual changes in their perception, appreciation and options of whom to vote for in the forthcoming election.  But it is rather difficult to hope that the present administration would be an asset instead of a liability for whoever it endorses for the highest Office in the land.