Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Now that the Country is still under the command and control of the present administration that is neither here nor there and that is really good but in talking and posing, now that Election 2016 is already scheduled and that no less than the names and persons of the Presidential Candidates are already known – without any assurance so far that those thus named will really be the ones allowed to aspire for MalacaƱang residency – considering the downright poverty and misery of  good number of Filipinos plus the many other socio-economic debacles of the Philippines – it might be good to ask the following but some simple questions and to hear the answers thereto by the said Candidates for the Office of the President.

Q.  How will you finally get rid of graft and corrupt practices in government?

Q.  What will you do to the formidable debt of the Philippines to the IMF?

Q.  How will you handle issues about the KKK, the VAT, the PPP?

Q.  What will you do about EDCA, about SABBA, about the BBL?

Q.  How will you resolve the sad plight of the LUMADS?

Q.  What will you do so that China will not eventually own Phil. territories?

Q.  How will you resolve the problems of criminality, drugs, traffic?

Q.  What will you do to eventually resolve the lack of power in the Country?

Q.  How will you respond to the need of enough food for the people?

Q.  What will you do to have work available to those in need thereof?

Q.  How will you effectively respond to the poverty of the Filipinos?

Q.  What will you do to lessen the many taxes imposed on the people?

Q.  How will you make the quest for justice shorter and more certain?

Q.  What will you do with the Anti-Dynasty & Freedom of Information Bills?

Q.  How will you raise the salaries of both government & private employees?

Q.  What will you do to the NPA, the MNLF, the ASG, the BIFF?

Q.  How will you respond if asked to take a psychological test?

In your kindness to your selves and in respect to the Filipino people, please oh! please, withdraw from your candidacies if you would but continue incompetent, insensible and even disabled governance of the Country.  Please!