Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Practically all international as well as local flights shall be cancelled.  Many streets in Metro Manila will be closed to the common tao.  Security not only in the air but also in the land and the sea shall be tight.  Reason:  APEC is coming.  The bigwigs practically from all over the world are scheduled to arrive.  Their first class accommodations are being prepared.  Their likewise first class places of gathering are also being readied.  The centerpiece of the singular event is Economy.  Hence, let people think, talk and know some ground realities about economy.

Capital, management and labor, resources, commerce and industry, production, market and consumption – inclusive of profits and expenses, wages and inflation, poverty and abundance – all these factors and other concerns have immediate relevance to economy and eventual impact on economic life of the people.  All these particulars are evidently in the realm of the temporal goods, in the sphere of the material world.  But no matter how temporal and material they are, all of them nevertheless have human persons – men, women, and children – as ultimate subjects-objects.  It is humanity that authored economy and who are concerned and ultimately affected by the economy in living life.

The whole truth of the matter is that while man has his body that requires economic resources such as food, shelter, and clothing, he also has a mind that needs education, seeks the truth and thus know falsehood.  More.  He also has a will  that likewise needs value formation and its application.  More.  He further has a spirit that requires ethical norms and moral principles.  More.  He is naturally endowed with basic human rights.  More.  He has himself, his family and his  posterity whose present and future by and large depend on economy.

So it is that the Social Doctrine of the Church is much concerned with economy as such, with the economic life of the people – irrespective of their race, color, and creed.  And the Church has but one over-all interest and pre-occupation with the temporal – socio-economic – world, viz. the good of humanity, the welfare of man, the peace and order in the world, and all these are ultimately in favor of the people all over the globe.  Reason:  As far as the Church is concerned, the whole world with all its natural assets and beneficial features is to favor the lot and life of all peoples – not but some or a few of them as if they are not equal as human beings with the same human dignity and having the same basic human rights, all arguments and claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

So it is that economic activity as well as material progress should be considered as means intended for the good of man, for the welfare of society.  It cannot be overemphasized that all activity and progress, such as in terms of economic productivity and material development, must be envisioned and directed for the benefit of every human being and of the human community as a whole.  It is not only falsity but cruelty, not only ignorance but inhumanity if there are individuals, families, communities that are ex profeso excluded from the benefits brought about by economy.