Monday, November 02, 2015


Considering that forgetfulness is a common human liability and considering further that the people departed – parents, relatives and friends – are usually out of mind whereas they are out of sight, the Church with her maternal attribution of remembering and loving especially those who passed away and might urgently need   prayers for their eternal repose in the Kingdom of the Father, set aside one truly special day during the year precisely to call the attention of the living to please pray for their dearly beloved and departed ones.  And this but once a year special day of remembrance and prayers for the dead is called and known as “All Souls’ Day” held every 2nd day of November – right after “All Saints’ Day” that takes place every 1st day of November in honor of all those already enjoying the company and beatific vision of the Father.

“Merciful Father, hear our prayers and console us.  As we renew our faith in your Son whom You raised from the dead, strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisters will share in His Resurrection, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.  Amen.”

Thus reads the special prayer in all the Churches in the four corners of the globe on the occasion of “All Souls’ Day”.  Needless to say, the Day is sanctified for the dead and sanctifying for the living.  So it is that the Day is not only for the dead to be prayed for by the living but also for the living to be reminded that they too shall be eventually counted among the dead in due time.  So it is that the day is sacred.  The dead are prayed for by the living.  The living are reminded that they too shall be counted among the dead in due time.  So it is that the good Lord is prayed to.  So it is that the Kingdom of God is sought after.  And so it is that a Special Day during the year is set aside with the supplication and hope that the souls of the dead will eventually savor the beatific and beatifying vision of God.

And this brings to mind the sad and foolish sight of children clothed by their elders as witches, skeletons, devils and the like – precisely to “celebrate” the signal day set aside by the Church for prayers in favor of the eternal repose of all the souls departed.  As usual, the so-called “First Countries” are the origin of such a bad joke and a big insult at the same time.  As usual, they think that they are entitled to fool around with anything sacred and sublime to people in poor and helpless countries.  And so it is that the children in prosperous and mighty nations usually grow up and live as their elders did whereby truths give way to pleasure and fun, and what is holy and sacred fold up in the presence of power and might.  Poor children!  They are made to believe that the devil is fun, that the face of the evil spirit  is seen in a squash and the like.  No!  Most probably, neither the elders nor the children mean to belittle the truths about souls, about their need for prayers, about the mercy of God – specially during “All Souls’ Day”.  But the devil and its evil deeds should neither be belittled.  So may it be!