Monday, October 12, 2015


No.  it neither hopeless nor pointless and neither is it irreversible nor irreparable.  Yes.  It is disturbing and dismaying, saddening and even depressing.  Such  can be rightfully said about the Political Scene in the Philippines during these extra difficult times.  While it has a good amount of negative features, hopeless it is certainly not precisely when its non-flattering elements are brought to fore – openly and objectively – with the ardent hope that the still big number of Filipinos with good will and noble intentions would have such as the following lamentable realities in Philippine politics slowly though surely corrected:

1.  The interests of the powerful and those few wealthy families are pitted against those of the multi-million weak and poor people usually perpetrated through political peddling and influence.

2.  The supposedly equal application of the law and the equitable administration of justice are time and again jeopardized by preferential factors on account of political considerations.

3.  The constitutional and wherefore categorical principle of Separation of Powers among the three branches of government are not rarely set aside for politico-reciprocal advantages.

4.  Political debts are paid by those elected to public offices particularly through the appointment of their well-identified supporters to many different juicy government positions.

5.  The Executive Department surreptitiously though effectively collaborate with Congress in padding government budget with many different conceivable “porkish” and at times even mysterious items.

6.  There is practically no public and clear accountability of the resources and facilities of government owned and controlled corporations that should be rendered by the political protégées thereto appointed.

7.  Rather elaborate, impressive and wherefore costly propaganda machine infallibly accompanies all wealthy and influential candidates for public offices from local  to the national levels.

8.  The electoral process has been systematically subverted by those in tenure of political offices in favor of their own selves, their immediate as well as distant family members, not to mention their special friends.

9.  People have become by and large cynical about the political moves of those in the Executive and Legislative branches of government in order to politicize even the judiciary.

10.  If today, we are what we are in our political scene, we need to have a closer and honest look at our Political Culture precisely in order to remedy our pitiful Political Scene.