Monday, October 26, 2015


It is anything but a secret that the climate the world over is progressively changing and the change is progressively for the worst for humanity as a whole, in the course of time.  While such a phenomenon of nature has been before either ignored, doubted if not simply  laughed at, more and more people are now rather conscious of it – specially so when markedly destructive and deadly climate events take place such as extraordinary typhoons and storms.  They easily destroy much and also thus bring much havoc whenever and wherever they pass by.  Houses are destroyed.  Fallen trees abound.  Rivers are flooded.  Rice, vegetables, fruits – together with work-animals and food-creatures – are wasted.  The over-all final result is the same:  People suffer.  Hunger comes.  Sicknesses appear.  Human deaths happen.  When the environ  revolts, men, women and children are infallibly the big losers, the standard casualties, the pitiful victims.

Climate Change is but an effect.  It has a marked cause –among other  allied natural factors.  And this nothing else than Pollution.  So it is that even the Universal Church now led by the sensible and sensitive Pope Francis has the following sad and saddening earthly phenomenon expressly noted and clearly said:  “Account must also be taken of the pollution  produced by residue, including dangerous waste present in different areas.  Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of waste are generated, much of it is non-biodegradable, highly toxic and radioactive even.  They originate from homes and businesses, from construction and demolition sites.  From clinical, electronic and industrial sources.  The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.”  (LAUDATO SI’: On the Care for our Common Home, n. 21)

There are garbage all over the land – in the streets and sidewalks, in the canals and rivers.  So it is that huge piles of garbage are infallibly found in the seashores and the breakwaters after every big storm or typhoon.  And the height of such a pity and shame came about when nothing less than many tons of garbage were actually imported by certain calloused, despicable, disgusting individuals – a “Company” of some kind – into the Philippines from a foreign country.  And eventually, as usual, nothing is anymore heard about those responsible for the imported tons of filthy foreign garbage made to land on Philippine soil.

“Yolanda” and “Lando” may have gone but the destruction and deaths they left behind still remain vivid and entrenched in Philippine History.  And as sure as the sun goes up and down, such devastating and deadly weather events will continue to take place.  And as long as humanity remains nonchalant about such climate tragedies, the more they take place, the more destruction they bring, the more human deaths they cause – to those still to be born in the centuries to come.  Yes, the government has much to do to lessen pollution.  This is the truth.  But the citizens too have much to attend in order to counteract pollution.  This is a fact.