Friday, October 30, 2015


Absence of the liability of utter negativism but neither full of the spirit of optimism, the political scene in the Country during these times is anything but promising.  Hopeless it is not.  But neither blessed is it.  The maxim that “Hope springs eternal” is a truth that Filipinos may not but hold on to – notwithstanding the present standing markedly negative features of Philippine politics such as the following:

It has become markedly questionable if sovereignty really resides in the people in this supposedly democratic and republican State.

The interests of the few and powerful rich political dynasties are sadly pitted against the common good of the poor, the public welfare of the weak.

There is hardly any real, objective and credible public accountability of public funds siphoned from the general public s taxes for public welfare.

The equal application of the law and pursuant administration of justice are sadly jeopardized by preferential factors due to political considerations.

The constitutional principle of Separation of Powers among the three branches of government bends to politico-reciprocal advantages.

The Legislative Department corroborates  with the Executive Department in the padding of government budget with mysterious “Pork Barrel” entries.

It has become a rule that only moneyed and influential individuals join the electoral race without consideration as to their competence and industry.

Costly elaborate and widespread political propaganda infallibly accompanies wealthy local and national political candidates for public offices.

The electoral process has become sadly suspect in integrity, taking into account the machines used and the individuals overseeing their functions.

Political debts are paid by elected public officials through the appointment of the latter’s benefactors to juicy positions such as in the GOCCs.

If today the Philippine political environ is wallowing in doubt and cynicism, is even spoken of with jokes and laughter, it is good to take a good and serious look into the political culture of the Country – a culture generated by morally if not mentally challenged public officials, by government personnel who no longer know the distinction between right and wrong.

No.  It is not hopeless.  There are still a good number of Filipinos who are still honest and sincere, who are trying to write the wrong, who are ready to stand up and say the truth, to seek justice, to work for peace.  And eventually succeed they will whereas lies are eventually exposed, evil is ultimately done away with.  Heroes there still are in the Philippines!