Monday, October 19, 2015


Intelligence is to know, to understand, to realize.  Competence,  to have the ability, the skill, the capability.  Industry,  to resolve, to act, to accomplish.  Sad but true: There are more than enough ignorance, gross personal disability, much indolence now seriously and continuously plaguing the government – not to mention the disgusting and flagrant graft and corrupt practices specially in the executive and legislative departments, not to mention in the Bureau of Customs and even in the Airports.  Otherwise, how does one explain the following with reason and logic: Poverty and misery all over the land – all surveys to the contrary notwithstanding.  Criminality 24/7 among adults, among teen-agers.  Prohibited drug production and export plus the division of the Country with accompaniment of deadly weaponry in the hands of deadly groups or individuals.

Specifically as to the practically numberless candidates for public offices in the forthcoming 2016 elections, as usual, heavenly promises are made, Cloud 9 claims are heard – not to mention mysterious allegations forwarded, even downright inanities affirmed.  Mere colors are given ample weight and significance.  Political parties with different initials and curious names are respectively seen and heard.  Many self-adulations and declarations, as well as that many big promises are made.  Sometime later, well-lighted stage shows will be seen, loud music will be heard in public, not to mention movie stars gracing political campaigns.  And as a matter of course, money – much money – will exchange hands, will go from one pocket to another.

But seriously speaking, what the Country needs and thinking people are clamoring for, are realistic plans, the programs, and consequent agenda.  And seriously looking at the sad present and fearsome future of the Country plus the pursuant destitution and misery of the Filipinos, it is not that hard to know and conclude that there are three basis, imperative and urgent agenda eagerly waiting for those aspiring for election to public offices – specially those in the national level.  

ENERGY.  Honest to goodness socio-economic development is but a bad dream without the required energy of ready availability and at affordable price.  And energy is obtainable above the sky and under the earth – not to mention the availability and use of nuclear power.  Let it be said that 24-hour emission of fumes from the consumption of coal, oil and gasoline is deadly for the people and fatal for the environment.  There is already clean nuclear power in many parts of the globe, many 3rd world countries included.

FOOD:  How come there is not enough food in the Country when this abounds in farms for the production of rice to the raising of vegetables, from the planting of fruit trees to the raising of animals?  Main reason:  There is not enough water that dams can provide and there are not enough dams to conserve water, to generate electricity.

EMPLOYMENT:  With energy comes industry which requires workers of different knowledge and skills which simply means employment which in turn neutralizes the OFW phenomenon and thus keeps the families together which eventually means a sound Filipino society.