Friday, October 02, 2015


Now, it is a fable.  It is a joke.  It is passé.  But when it was declaimed for the first time before a big public inaugural gathering, there were loud cheers, long claps, plus much admiration from the general public.  When not long thereafter it was invoked and even shouted every now and then, people  but wondered what was it all about and smiled at the somehow still well-known jargon.  But when now invoked for political purposes – specially during these times leading to election 2016 – the public reaction ranges from laughter to disgust, from wonder to aversion.  Translation:  A political candidate who adopts and thus invokes the now infamous jargon ipso facto loses votes.

So it is that “Daang Matuid” has become but a big hallucination, not a ground reality.  It is but one big joke to laugh about, not a truth to be edified with.  It is but a sound bite, not really an actuality.  Given the indispensable service of the KKK, considering the downright amorality of the DAP and PDAF inventions , thinking of the day and night customary killing and stealing, the habitual criminality not only in the streets but also in the homes – not to mention the manufacture, consumption and exportation of prohibited drugs, the production and distribution of pornographic materials not only about adults but about teenagers as well , plus the exportation of people and importation of garbage – one understandably wonders:  Where is the “Daan”?  How come is it “Matuid”?  The chant has become not only a big joke but also a downright insult to people with the right mind and common sense judgment.

No wonder then that as such, a once perceived noble and edifying maxim – supposedly standing for integrity, rectitude, honesty – has become one big joke after another through different versions heard and/or read in various media outlets – such as the following:

“Daang matuid kuno pero sa liko-liko patungo.”  Translation:  The presidential leadership is anything but noble and trustworthy – even but considering the incarnation of various novel ways of fooling around with public funds that filled the pockets of many except the needy.

“Matuid na Daan patungo sa kanal.”  Translation:  The Malacañang occupant had in effect led the Country to troubling facts such as the Hacienda Luisita debacle, the subjugation of the Legislature, the Mamasapano Massacre preceded by the Mendiola Massacre.

“Daang tutuwad-tuwad.”   Translation:  A leader who says what he is told to, who does what he is asked to do, who attends to his personal agenda on line with his personal interests is but a confused and confusing individual.  Being but led and self-preoccupied, a leader he is certainly not.

Lastly, there is the newest one that says:  “Daang matuid na di madaanan.”  Needless to say, this has reference to roads with non-moving traffic, drivers who fall asleep, passengers who grow older in the buses, streets that serve as parking areas instead.

With malice towards none, with but truth in mind!