Monday, September 07, 2015


There was a time in the not so distant past when the marines were in general  looked upon as good and brave men, as basically innocent and amiable fellows.  They were then known as mostly staying in their ship for long time spans with very limited communications with the world outside.  And when on the land, they usually stayed by themselves and simply enjoyed each other’s company – while waiting to board their ships again and again.  So it was that they were held as basically unacquainted with the errant realities in the world such as lying and cheating, double-crossing s and double-talks, double faces and the like.

So it was that it became some kind of a maxim for people to exclaim “Tell that to the marines!” – when big lies are said, when downright deceptions are staged, when double talks are made.  Translation:  What is said goes against plain reason and logic.  What is claimed is clearly ridiculous and incredible.  What is proclaimed is but one big lie, one ominous deception.  The response:  “Tell that to the marines!”

Some days ago, the following events took place:  The DOH entertained a case filed by an INC Minister complaining of detention by certain INC personnel, restrained in movement or something the like.  So came about the day-and-night rallies staged by thousands of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) followers.  The already terrible traffic situation in places where the rallies were held were even worst.  The buses, jeeps and cars were at a standstill hour after hour, day after day.

But the time eventually came when Malacañang and the INC had a meeting, talked things over and immediately thereafter, the rallies altogether stopped, those holding the long rallies triumphantly went home.  And the traffic suddenly became less terrible, less horrible.  And everybody seemed happy.

Questions:  What happened during the Malacañang meeting?  Who said what?  What was agreed upon.  Answer:  Nothing!

Tell that to the marines!

Question:  What took place during the Malacañang meeting?  What understanding was forged?  Answer:  Nothing!

Tell that to the marines!

Questions:  Who arranged the meeting?  What has the bilateral commitment done?  What promises were made?  Answer:  Nothing!

Tell that to the marines!