Wednesday, September 30, 2015


On the occasion of the forthcoming national elections, considering the key individuals in the immediately past and still present administration, and gradually but surely knowing the persons – their respective action and reaction patterns pursuant to their respective personality constitution – of those aspiring for high political offices in particular, some of the questions that readily come to mind are the following:  Who are they and what are they?  What are the bad things they have done and the good things they have failed to do?  Why will I vote for him and not for her, for these and not those?  In other words, who are the candidates for election deserving of getting my vote – and why?  More questions: Will I vote at all?  So what if I vote and so what if I do not vote?  Would my vote make a difference – or it might not even be counted at all?  Questions and more questions!

There is nevertheless one key question that is begging for an answer – all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.  It is a practical question to which there seems to be more than one answer – given the twisted and twisting socio-economic condition, the dubious political set-up plus human freedom cancelled by poverty in the Country.  It is in fact a fundamental question, the composite answer to which might not even be relevant to the now already known and those still to be known candidates for office – the Office of the President in particular.  Question:  considering the basically sad plight of the Filipinos these days and attending to the precarious condition of the Philippines inside and out, what attributes should the candidate for the President have in possession as an individual and as an official?  What about:

Integrity:  This is the very first requirement that comes to mind – taking into account the long since standing Philippine government situation where graft is standard and corruption is customary, where thievery has become the usual and honesty is unusual,  specially in the halls of political power.

Intelligence:  This is not about  mental disorder, not about personality disturbance – or anything the like.  It simply means that a President should at least have the  right knowledge and proper understanding of both theories and realities.

Industry:  If this virtuous attribute is demanded of the common tao, much more is it mandatory  for anyone pursuing the tenure of a public mandate – specially the presidential office.  Indolence is then a curse, disappearing acts are taboo.  Public office in the hands of a lazybones is a fatal contradiction.

In these days and times in the Philippines, it has become a fundamental personal attribute that the higher office one has, the more the same should know and learn how to look down.  Translation:  Instead of being fixated with the well-being of those belonging to the “high class” of society, a leader in the national level should attend very much more to the needs and the cries of Filipinos in the “low class” of the socio-economic pyramid.