Friday, September 11, 2015


With goodwill at heart but also with objective truth in mind, the present administration deserves a good  number of medals – not of distinction but of protestation; not of appreciation but depreciation; and certainly not of honor but dishonor.  This is however not meant to say that it has done nothing because it has caused numerous disappointments, raised many questions and implanted a good number of irritants in a good number of people as well.  It is neither meant to say that it has not done anything because it has done many things badly.  And in no way is this intended to allege that it does not do anything good but simply it does not really know how to do it.  No, the administration is not bad, but neither is it good.  Then, what  it is and what is it about? Following are some of its Medals of Honor and Dishonor.

INCOMPETENT ACTING:  This disability is mortal especially to people in need of capable and dependable governance, in pursuit of just and justifiable leadership.  When a government acts with customary incompetence, the governed are the sure losers.  Their public welfare, their common good become but pies in the sky.

CUSTOMARY STEALING:  This liability is well-demonstrated and duly understood when graft and corrupt practices become the normal in a government.  Their more concrete expressions come about with but the mention of DAP, PDAF and many other so-called “Pork Barrel” benefits – in favor of government allies.

DRUG MANUFACTURING:  It is a well- established and recognized fact that the Philippines is now a drug manufacturing Country.  One thing really deadly about this phenomenon is that illegal drugs are not simply manufactured but also used by Filipinos and even exported to other countries in demand thereof.  This is a retro-achievement.

NONCHALANT KILLING:  Killings have become the normal.  They happen  anytime of the day, anyplace in the Country – specially so in metropolitan areas.  So it is that human lives have become cheap.  What is really sad is that there are people in and out of government who would like to add more killings thereto through the imposition of Death Penalty.

DESTRUCTIVE  MINING:  Covetousness respects no people;  neither knows nor accepts what is enough.  Money is worshipped.  And the more money there is, the more adored it is.  Hence, so what if our common home is destroyed, people are poisoned, the generations yet to come are already impoverished.  Wrong mining is not only destructive but also vicious as such.

UNBRIDLED GAMBLING:  The still reigning and ruling government has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that gambling is OK – be it legal or illegal, be it popular or actually notorious.  It worships gambling, it adores gamblers.  It considers gambling as a virtue, not a vice.  It thus looks at gamblers with admiration and awe.  Strange but true.