Monday, September 28, 2015


It’s here!  It has begun!  It is exciting and entertaining!  It is still next year but it is already now.  It is not yet known who is who, what is what.   This is part of the guessing game.  This is excitement time.  Yes, little by little, slowly but surely, here they come – admiring themselves, selling  themselves, promising heaven on earth, coveting elective public offices from top to bottom of the twisted and twisting government structure.  They  promise public service though having self-service in mind and heart.  And not few of them loudly offer themselves for the common welfare only to engage in dynastic well-being.  These are the times of public self-admiration, self-adoration, self-delusion.  The circus has begun!  Happy days are here again!

It is not really bad when graft and corrupt practices in government have become ingredients of political custom and tradition.  The politicians at least have their pockets full  and overflowing even.  What is wrong with making people an export industry – selling women and children included?  This is big business productive of big remittances that keep pitifully poor Philippines economy afloat.  Never mind the Countrywide poverty with its accompanying criminality.  It is alright if drugs are not only manufactured for local consumption and also intended for foreign exportation.  So it is that Death Penalty is superfluous. Killing and being killed have become rather common in the Philippine scene.

But not all features of the political campaigns that are now already on-going – be this contrary or according to law – are bad or censurable.  Why?  Much money go back to the people who after all are themselves the source of the money through their direct, indirect and redirect taxes, etc., etc.  they pay from the womb to the tomb.  But this is not all.  There are big, well-lighted and noisy stage shows held here and there, entertainment events now and then graced by popular actors and actresses for the right fees.  This is not to mention the loud declamations and pompous perorations that are heard – plus the golden promises and Cloud 9 assurances  that are made.  Translation:  The political candidates actually promise heaven on earth – if elected.  It is during the days not long before the election day itself that a standard political tripod comes to fore:  Illusion-Hallucination-Delusion affecting a good number of political candidates.

By way of a reality check, democracy in the Philippines has really nothing to do with the sovereignty of the people.  For a people wallowing in poverty and yet have the sovereignty in their Country is a big joke, a flagrant contradiction.  So is it that the Sacred Constitution of the Philippines categorically stating that sovereignty resides in the People – this is a big joke, an hallucination incarnate.  The truth of the matter is that sovereignty rests with the politicians elected into office by the poor and helpless people – an “election” through the standard employ of guns, goons and gold, through machines that do not know how to count, through the fervent desire and the pursuant careful design of Uncle Sam.  “We, the sovereign Filipino people…”?  Come on, be real!