Wednesday, September 09, 2015


The government that still remains in power is very demanding in seeing to it that the people pay their taxes from birth to death, is very insistent that everybody pays all kinds of conceivable taxes – be they direct, indirect, redirect, etc., etc., not to mention those unreasonable and shameful tax demands like paying for the use of public utilities, paying for the benefit of public services, paying for the consumption of basic commodities from sun-up to sundown.  There is something more disgusting.

The said government delightfully continues in getting huge foreign loans from the IMF.  Who continuously pays for the said foreign loans which have even become progressively bigger as our money becomes progressively lesser in value year after year?  Answer:  Who else but the poor People of the Philippines.  Question: Meantime, what do people – the rich as well as the poor – get in return for all kinds of taxes they pay?  Answer:  More poverty and misery.  Unending and unnerving traffic.  Undependable and at times even non-moving trains.  Question:  What about social peace and order?  Answer:  Murders without end.  Thieveries in broad daylight.  Prohibited drugs unlimited.  Omnipresent snatchers.

The same government has even more questions to answer in conjunction with the unending day after day, year after year taxes dutifully but grudgingly paid by the people – the rich, the poor, and the miserable all included.  Question:  What was accelerated by the “Disbursement Acceleration Program”? Did it merely accelerate enriching the pockets of certain infamous public Officials while it in fact decelerated the socio-economic development of the Philippines?  Question:  What was the “Priority Development Assistance Fund”?  Did it simply assist and in effect prioritize and promote the personal desire and designs of these and those detestable public officials who were busy doing nothing but attending to their own personal interests and/or dynastic concerns.

And for the public  outcry against and condemnations of the infamous Pork Barrels that surreptitiously went under the initials of DAP and PDAF as above cited, the still around government has come out with a supposedly novel way of promoting its self-interest and pursuant self-service – in preparing the national budget for the forthcoming election year 2016 in terms of a “Discretionary Fund” (DF)

It is all about the “F” – funds, funds and more funds.  Who provides for it?  The People. Who spends it? The government.  What for?  Who knows but the government itself.  How much is spent for what? Secret.

In other words:  The so-called “Discretionary Fund” is at the disposal of the government that precisely lacks discretion.  Up to when will the people bear it all?  What will the people do?  How will the people go about it?  That is the question!