Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Would that it were otherwise.  Would that it is not but pessimism.  Would that it is rather “So far, so good.” instead of “So far, so bad.” It does not take profound awareness nor much intellectual acumen to be aware of certain painful truths as far as the 2016 Election is concerned.  Such a sad and saddening reality has to be noted this early – even if only for people to be aware of the disturbing factors plus negative vibes now already emerging even relatively long before the actual 2016 political exercise.

For a starter, it is enough to watch the weird gimmickry, to listen to senseless claims of certain aspirants to national offices.  Such actually sick acclamations for political self-service are now already on-going through various ways and means.  So it is that:  Markedly bogus claims are made.  Rather strange self-selling stunts are staged – with various heavenly  claims and cloud-9 promises.  Those concerned even make the sickening self-defense that what they do and say have nothing to do with the forthcoming elections.  Such assertions are not only lies incarnate but also expressions of nothing less than nonsense.

But why “So far, so bad”?

The CANDIDATES: Who are now the already certain or probable Candidates particularly for high national public  Offices?  What are their credentials, if any?  Are they sound not only in physiological constitution but also – and especially so – in psychological personality composite?  Are they individuals of integrity and industry or but of nonchalance and indolence?  Do they simply talk big but do so little?  Are they concerned not only with the already wealthy and powerful but also with the poor and miserable Filipinos?  In short, who among them are really worth voting for – if any?

The COMELEC:  Does it have supposedly fast counting machines – owned or rented – that are really capable of counting well and counting right?  Would Comelec be smart enough to detect if there are more votes than voters?  While the machine suppliers appear to be already known, the questions still remain as to who will print the ballots – where, how and how many?  Will there be no machines stacked but here and there, no more Koala Bear of one kind or another, no more pre-counts somewhere before Comelec comes out with its really own count?

The VOTERS:  Why and whom will they vote for?  Will they sell their votes due to hunger and want?  Will they vote for these or those candidates because of threats, on account of fear for their own safety and/or that of their family?  Will they vote at all?  What for?  Will their votes matter at all?  Will their votes even be counted right?  How many elections were there, how many times they have voted?  How many public officials were voted into these and those offices?  But why is it that living is harder, life is worst?  Why vote at all when one government after the other appears worse than the former?

Hence:  “So far, so bad.”