Wednesday, August 19, 2015


No.  This is not about murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers.  No. This is neither about rapists and thieves, kidnappers and hold-uppers.  And no.  Neither is this about those engaging in pyramid scams, those driving without license, those who grab expensive gadgets, pick pockets and the like.  That the prison bars are waiting for them, this is probable.  That they deserve imprisonment, this is possible.  But there is really a good number of “big fish” in this Country that should be held behind prison bars whereas they precisely deserve imprisonment as a just consequence of their many licentious  and grave misdeeds.

As of now, there are these men and women who are in this or that branch of government but should instead be imprisoned – for the many and big graft and corruption they commit.  But the same imprisonment awaits someone who bribes these and those government officials, who violates even the Constitution itself but who to these days still talks much and believes he is above even the Fundamental Law of the Land.  He gives big smiles in public.  He freely waves at people.  He thinks and feels as the savior of the Filipinos.

But the living truth is that after so many years thinking and feeling he is some kind of a god and therefore remains deserving of public awe and admiration, applause and accolade, the truth of the matter however is that he is just like a common tao who ultimately deserves imprisonment for having  done certain things contrary to truth, justice and/or peace.  The same figure apparently thinks he is the people’s savior of some kind such that he deserves nothing less than their worshipping admiration and adulation.

What should be the just penalty for somebody violating the Fundamental Law of the Land itself even if only because of ignorance and nonchalance?  What would be the proper action taken against someone who freely distributes public funds to his comrades in politics basically in order to support his markedly but self-designed options, finance his own censurable personal designs?  In other words, when somebody is no longer holding the reigns of supreme power and therefore no longer in command of his underlings in government, will he still remain above the law notwithstanding his gross misdeeds patently contrary to what is right and just?

It is quite interesting to note that there is this now powerful individual whose favorite pastime is to blame someone previous to his assumption of power as the cause of anything and everything wrong in the Country today.  That individual is long since in chains, so to speak, and now even sick.  But the said character now in power delightfully points at the same individual for so many misdeeds contrary to the welfare of the people, against the interests of the Country.  Questions:  When he is out of Office, devoid of power, removed from the Palace, will he remain free as a lark, free to still do what he wants, free from prison bars?  Will there be but a continuity of his reign through his alter-ego – or a real change thereof?

Just asking.