Wednesday, August 05, 2015


“…establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony…” (Constitution of the Philippines, Preamble)

It will be hard to find fault with the Fundamental Law of the Land – particularly so with its noble and ennobling Preamble.  It can be said that the framers of the Constitution were truly inspired in their spirit and thinking, in their aspiration and vision.  And that was why the right thinking Filipinos overwhelmingly signified their formal and expressed approval thereof.  So it is that the constituent members of the Constitutional Convention deserve the sincere gratitude and profound respect of the people of the Philippines.  They worked much and well.  Their thoughts were inspired and their work was inspiring.  May what they wrote for the common good and welfare of the Filipinos, for the honor and pride of the Philippines  even but gradually become ground realities for the citizens and their country.

And this is precisely the long standing problem for a great majority of the Filipino citizens.  It can be said that the song is great but the singer is a big disaster.  It can be said that the citizens are suffering while their government is having fun.  It is a government that promotes graft and corrupt practices among its political allies, that thinks and does anything in order to sell its falsified image of integrity, industry and competence.  So it is that the government is and can be anything other than what the Constitution provides:

A government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations:

The government has its own aristocratic vision and disposition.  Its main preoccupation is how to make the leading figures therein appear heroic and admirable.  The people – never mind.  Their poverty and misery are their own making, their own problem, their own concern.

A government that shall promote the common good:

The government has enough work praising and admiring itself, promoting dynastic concerns, keeping landholdings – plus protecting its political allies.  It continuously attempts to deceive the people in believing that they are blessed, they are fortunate.  The common good of people is but imagination.

A government that shall conserve and develop our patrimony:

The government is a big patron of foreign capital, foreign investments, foreign industries.  So it is that foreigners get the imbedded treasures of the land leaving behind poison, sickness, destruction.  The Country and its people are thus left not only impoverished but also an heir of emptiness.

It is anything but a happy thought and a hopeful episode that the government has still months too long to lord it over the people, to ruin more the future of the Country.  But even its feeling eternal incumbent rulers will pass away.