Monday, August 31, 2015


It is truly sad to know and be aware of the fact that there are a good number of incumbent public officials in the national level of government who are bent on fooling around with, if not doing their best in effectively destroying the nature and finalities of marriage as stipulated by Natural Law and affirmed by ethical principles.  This phenomenon has particular relevance to the still – already too long – ruling administration together with its well-rewarded allies in the Legislative Department.  It must be admitted that they are not simply sly but also ingenious in their common venture to destroy the fundamental assumptions as well as the essential finalities of such a sacred and serious institution as the Marriage Covenant which is definitely and categorically very much more than a mere contract in line with the business norm of “No exchange.  No return.”  Instead of “OK to Change and Return.”

Time and again it has been said and still  being mentioned that among the well-designed and accordingly desired legislations of this allegedly “Daang Matuid” government, the following take precedence:  POPULATION CONTROL, DIVORCE and SAME SEX MARRIAGE – the last two of which are delayed because of the unexpected BBL.  It is rather strange and quite interesting to take not of the well-standing fact that the over-all Chief-in-Command is single to this date and time.  So it is that likewise time and again it is asked why the deep and lasting interest and preoccupation about the said three legislative fixations?

They already have succeeded in undermining the significance and implications of Responsible Parenthood by the so-called “Reproductive Health Law” which is precisely against human reproduction, not to mention the abortive accompanying features thereof.  One thing worth  noting is that those against human reproduction are already reproduced by their parents.

As of now, Congress in fact already have the draft of the “Same Sex Marriage” – the ultimate camouflaged formal heading thereof is still not yet known and might be even imprudent  to already disclose it.  There is not the least maliciousness much less evil intention vs. the LGBT in countering such a legislation with manifest sexual implications – a legislation which is a big futility vs. basic truth and ground reality.

And here now comes the enigmatic opted legislation curiously called “Partial Divorce” – or something the like.  A divorce that is but “Partial” and wherefore “Total” it is not?  Does that mean that there would be such a thing as “Partial Marriage” as well – partial husband and wife, partial marital life, partial parental relationship?  Amusing!

The truth of the matter is that the proposed legislation essentially means the following:  When a marriage is between a foreigner and a Filipino citizen, in the event that the former files for and obtains a divorce, then the latter is legally held capable of re-marrying too.  How many divorces one may file and obtain, how many remarriages one may enter into – this is not yet stipulated as of now.  (Cf. Family Code of the Philippines, Art. 26, pars. 1 and 2)  Interesting!