Friday, August 07, 2015


It is money that runs elections, that makes candidates win, that drives elected public officials to graft and corrupt practices.  It is money that makes politics dirty, that demeans politicians, that victimizes the people they are precisely elected and paid to serve.  It is money that demeans the government, that destroys the dignity and trust reposed by the people upon the Executive Department – the Legislative Department well-included – that tries hard in bullying the Judiciary.  It is money that makes certain national political figures detestable and many  local politicians despicable.  It is money that makes them blind to the wants of the poor and deaf to the cries of the miserable.

It is money that makes laws irrelevant, that neutralizes the Justice System by exempting certain influential hoodlums from its concern and coverage.  It is money that makes this and that government Department victimize instead of rendering service to people, that impose taxes even on babies upon birth such as when they use electricity and water, when they drink milk and need medicines, that make people pay precisely for the use of supposedly public utilities.  The truth is that the government likewise grabs money through the imposition of all kinds of conceivable taxes upon the purchase of basic commodities – coffins included – particularly through the infamous, atrocious and ubiquitous VAT.

It is money that makes capitalists/industrialists insensitive to the hunger and want of their many workers and few employees, that makes them exhaust the natural resources of the Country while poisoning the environment, that eventually leaves poisoned soil behind that makes people sick if not even kill them.  It is money that makes already wealthy business tycoons even wealthier by the day and wherefore impoverishes more even the already impoverished people.  It is also money that neutralizes the conscience of many already moneyed individuals who thus nonchalantly deceive and still impoverish more their already impoverished millions of neighbors who live on hand to mouth existence.

It is money that makes criminals kill, that makes men and women thieves through many ways and means, that makes gangsters living and dangerous realities to society.  It is money that runs drug production and sale, that promote legal and illegal gambling, that sustains prostitution dens.  Lately, something very sick and really sickening fact took place because of money.  Money moved mountains of downright garbage from Canada to the Philippines.  And there must be many other repugnant realities happening in the Country all because of money.  It is true that “Money is the root of evil.”

That is why while there are but Ten Commandments, one of them has direct reference to money:  Do not steal.  In fact, there is one more:  Do not covet what belongs to others.  If these two mandates of Natural Law affirmed by Divine Law were dutifully followed, then Money would be the cause of good.  Then, money would be the cause of prolonging life, the means of helping the poor and the sick, an important factor in making life easy, even of prolonging life.  Money would build houses and schools, fund researches and inventions all for the good and welfare of men, women and children.