Monday, August 17, 2015


To change what is foolish, wrong, unjust in the Country – this is the rightful demand  of the Filipinos for the years ahead.  Simply to continue aristocratic leadership, incompetent governance, imaginary national achievements and the like are the last things that the People of the Philippines need in the years to come.  They have more than enough of public officials who are pro-selves instead of pro-others.  They have heard enough words plus words and more words.  In the times ahead, they crave for more actions than talks, more realities than but imaginations.  And enough is enough.

The tiring “Matuid na daan” leads nowhere really.  The infamous “Kayo ang boss ko”, is hallucination to say the least.  The “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” is one big joke.  And there are tiring by-words of “Inclusive growth” which in effect is well-devoid of ground reality.  Furthermore, there are the alleged blessings brought about by the “PPP” whereby the government in fact becomes a business corporation.  And the so-called “Peace Process” through the BBL – only simpletons believe  it.  The still present administration is rich in imagination, poor in actualization.

Continue a government where graft and corrupt practices are the rule?  Keep a governance whose expertise is demanding lifetime taxes of many kinds and in many ways from the rich and the poor alike?  Go on having an Executive Department  that dominates the Legislature through its Pork Barrel system under different names?  Keep a Presidential Office that has and spends huge amounts of public funds exempted from accounting and beyond standard auditing?  To go on with a governing leadership that abhors  Land Reform, that looks at the Filipinos as anything but a sovereign people?

So it is well understandable that the prevailing spirit of the common tao is not the continuity of the faulty thinking and errant agenda of the still reigning administration but precisely its change into a government that is truly by the people, of the people and for the people.  Enough of reigning incompetence in governance, marked insensitivity to the plight of the poor, the miserable, the pitiful.  No more of a Malacañang occupant who is but by and large self-preoccupied, simply self-attentive as well as mostly self-conscious.  Others?  So what?

Most of all:  Enough of selective justice – which is downright injustice – for political consideration.  Slowly but surely, political party-mates have become exempted from the reach of the arm of the law.  Others?  Let them be behind bars for people to see, for media to publish.  Make them the exemplary figures of public graft and corrupt practices. But KKK Members plus proven political supporters, these are beyond reach of the arm of the law.  Just for the record, selective justice is the objective expression of falsity, the strong stimulus of dissent and resentment.

No continuity but change in the present system of governance.  No continuity but change in the prevailing undependable incumbent Supreme figure in government.  Please!