Monday, August 10, 2015


Few are not the thinking the serious people who day after day are losing hope, who no longer care, who do not anymore mind what the 2016 Elections mean at all – if any.  So it is that they are no longer preoccupied how such a political exercise will be held, who are the public officials that will be placed in the seat of power, what difference, if any, can their election make in the day-to-day living of multi-million Filipinos – the poor and the sick, the helpless and unlettered in particular.  Yes, there were the Martial Law years.  Yes, then came the so-called “democratic” governments one after another.  And now, here we go again.  Political parties are being formed, reformed or deformed.  Notorious or unknown political figures are here and there surreptitiously presenting themselves for candidacy.  Political butterflies flying here and there when they smell more election honey.  Covered-up and even ridiculous political ads are going about through video and/or print.  Conclusion:  here we go again!

If one were to listen and decipher well the main causes for such ambivalence if not actual indifference specially among the adults and particularly those in Luzon, there seem to be three major reasons for such a cold view of the forthcoming elections – considering that the previous government was the incarnation of insensitivity while the still present one is the demonstration of incapacity: 

1.  The potential candidates whose names are repeatedly mentioned and whose faces are usually seen through the tri-media, do not seem that trustworthy, that capable and/or dependable in governance.  Yes, some of them are said to be high in approval rating in this or that survey.  But who really believe in the alleged results of such “Surveys” paid for by these or those faceless individuals – for political considerations?

2.  The COMELEC has still to prove that it knows how to count.  So many supposedly smart machines no longer function such that many millions of pesos are again needed to make them work – if ever.  There is also now the considered option to use ten fingers to count votes plus the possible use of machines thereafter to un-count them.

3.  Not few are the places in all the Regions of the Country where millions of voters live a hand-to-mouth existence, who by and large depend on hand-outs to fund their day-to-day life.  So it is that it is no surprise that their votes are readily for sale – not necessarily to the highest bidders.  Poverty – misery in particular – can be anything but the premise of freedom, the origin of free and deliberate vote.

But then, could all the above-mentioned reasons about a hopeless 2016 Elections be nothing more than the expression of negativism, the signs of despair, the posture of defeatism?

Would that they be so!