Wednesday, July 15, 2015

“SONA 2015”

It is not really hard to predict what will be the true and relevant content of the “2015 SORROWS OF THE NATION ADDRESS” (SONA) that the go-going-gone Declamation Master will give in the event that he would like to address the Filipinos in sincerity and truth.  While such would be futile to expect and to hear, it might be good for the same big-words little-works Declaimer to address some cold and signal realities this year at least – considering that the People of the Philippines have listened enough of heavenly, miraculous and fantastic allegations on the occasion of all the previous SONAs.  To end one’s supreme political life by stating downright facts and solid truth is indeed self-redemptive – in a way.  Thus:

My dear Countrymen and Countrywomen:

For a start, please understand that while I do little, I talk much.  I say what I am told to by my KKK associates,  and I read what is written for me by my scriptwriters.  The time has come however that  I tell you what is which and which is what.

First of all is about our so-called sovereignty.  This is a big joke.  The truth of the matter is that we are subservient to North America, Malaysia, plus countries with OFWs – among others.  This is to say nothing about our distorted idea about BBL, about our loss of territories to China.

This is even saying nothing about our unique politics:  Politics is business.  Politics equals graft and corruption.  Public office is for private service.  Politicians are above the law.  As to our elections, we take pride in knowing who won the elections even before they are held.

And about our economy:  If poverty were a blessing and misery a benediction, then we Filipinos would be the most sanctified people on earth.  But we tax people from birth to death.  We privatized our public utilities.  We worship foreign-funded industries. We cannot even make our MRT work.

This is saying nothing about our truly promising industries: the proliferation of go-for-broke gangsters that make CCTV a big business.  The nonchalant manufacture of drugs that we now proudly export through “Drug Mules”.  The sale of women and children not only in person but also via the internet.

Families housed in pushcarts where they live, sleep and eat.  Little boys and girls selling almost dried flowers, little dirty rags for cleaning cars.  Children sleeping by the sidewalks.  Men and women picking up garbage for sale, searching for food in throwaways from eateries.

I hope and pray that you will always admire and thank me for telling you the truth at last.  There are certainly many more truths to tell but what I said is enough for the moment.  When I am gone, you will certainly know more.  Please do not miss me, as I will not miss you ever.  Don’t cry for me, Philippines, whereas cry for you I won’t.  Amen and amen!