Friday, July 10, 2015


A male and a female, a man and a woman, a husband and wife, a father and mother – such is the standard nature, description and understanding of the constituents of marriage among people of all races, colors and creeds.  The same is the perception, knowledge and comprehension of marriage practically since time immemorial.  But usually, marriage is not only “Two in one” but also “One plus more” in the advent of children through a man-woman conjugal union.  So it is that even among irrational animals, the rule is for males and females to be together as one, they become usually more as well.

And so it is too that marriage is known and expressed in many different ways,   through different terms.  Some of the more known and used ones are the following:  Matrimony, Nuptials, Wedding, etc., etc.  It is good to note that as the root word of “Marriage” is fatherhood, while the word of origin of “Matrimony” is motherhood.  So it is that the law of nature itself identifies the parties in a marriage – a reality which is already well-known even but to a child calling someone “papa” (father) and the other one “mama” (mother).

And so it is as well that in the realm of ground reality anchored in the Law of Nature, sad to say but true to affirm, “Same Sex Marriage” is a contradiction in terms and wherefore a non-fact in the realm of objective reality and truth.  In other words, the human phenomenon of marriage can only be between a man and a woman – not a man and another man, not a woman and another woman, all contrary arguments to the contrary, notwithstanding.  By way then of an elementary conclusion, the so-called “Same Sex Marriage” is but a fantasy – notwithstanding all good will and honest options of others to the contrary.

All the above are observations that are in the realm of Natural Law, in the sphere of logic and ethics.  Hence, neither Civil Law nor Church Law itself can/may really change the Law of Nature itself whereas such alteration is beyond their respective competence – each one or both of them, even actually legislating to the contrary.  In the event that either or both of these attempt to do so, such would be but an exercise in futility.  The saying that “Truth knows no party,” means just that.  And considering that Civil Law can and might even actually legislate in favor of  man-man and woman-woman marriage for whatever reason which is usually for political advantage, Church Law may certainly  not and will definitely not do so.  The Church with faith and morals squarely based on Sacred Scriptures received grim warning in terms of what happened to the land of “Sodom and Gomorrah” – an event that is horrible even but to imagine.

This is no way means that those concerned cannot and will not continuously advocate “Same Sex Marriage”.  And if such a desire and design do not become a reality, the truth of the matter is that they have relatively long since practiced the so-called “Holy Union”  - in place of marriage per se – in a church that they themselves put up and own.  And no one really – either from the State or the Church may formally stop such a practice by virtue of the freedom of religion.