Wednesday, July 01, 2015

“Regime of incompetence, aimless leadership, large-scale corruption, selective justice, and indifference to the poor.”

Many negative perceptions, consequent comments and evaluations have been made about no less than the now too long five-year governance of the present administration.  Numerous lamentations have been expressed about the ways the supreme administrator thinks and the means he then adopts to do or undo what he wants or does not.  Quasi-infinite number of deep dissatisfaction and repeated dismays have been noted on both the non-performance as well as the ill-performance of the Chief Administrator.  But nothing tops the above-cited evaluative corporate perception of the same reality by someone who personally knows rather well the subject person concerned at close range.  While the said evaluative judgment may be dismaying and revolting, it is actually along the maxim that “Truth hurts” – hand-in-hand with another saying that “The truth shall set you free.”

The following crisp and well-descriptive phrases about the Chief-in-Command are not made by someone ignorant whereas they are objectively glaring and true – in line with the common knowledge and conclusion of thinking people in general – notwithstanding all declamations to the contrary, e.g., “Kayo ang boss ko.”  “Matuid na daan.”, etc., etc., etc.:

Regime of incompetence.  This explains why there are people who say and insist that together with being a Filipino of the right age and required residency plus the knowledge of how to read and write, candidates, specially for national public offices, should also pass the required psychological tests.  It is said that tests are undergone by those concerned in the Judiciary.

Aimless leadership.  This is but the natural outcome, the logical result of someone blind leading the wide-eyed.  The liability of aimless leadership is anchored on the sad fact that the person concerned is instead led by favored individuals and/or cheer leaders with their respective interests and different concerns. The common tao – never mind.

Large-scale corruption.  Something must be basically wrong with the thinking process of someone who actually feels and claims that his leadership is the paragon of honesty and integrity when he is actually inspiring the standard practice of graft and corruption on the part of his close and/or needed followers.  This is a good example of self-deception.

Selective justice.  Although the individual concerned thinks he is some kind of justice incarnate, the truth of the matter is that, among other disturbing realities, there is still existent and operative some kind of a national famous or infamous dictum of “KKK”, the members of which are immune from justice.  Justice is for others to worry about.

Indifference to the poor.  Someone born from an aristocratic family, belonging to a hacienda lineage, and thus having a sense of nobility and a tenure of immense wealth, finds poverty an irrelevant phenomenon.  So it is that the poor do not make sense.  What is really important is oneself – consciously or unconsciously.