Friday, July 24, 2015


It was reported a week ago that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is scheduled to construct such qualified “Gender-Neutral” toilets in certain airports, nationwide.  According to the same report, there are three particulars specifically mentioned by the Agency that justify the distinct project and appear to be worth noting:  One, that the said facilities are meant for the use of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (LGBT).  Two,  that the same facilities are planned to be constructed outside the airport buildings.  Three,    that the constructions are expected to promote gender awareness.

The CAAP may not be either questioned or blamed for such a project basically intended to arouse respect not only for the difference of sexes as such but also to affirm the distinction among different sex-orientations.  It may not be denied that the said difference has eventually inexorable appendage to the human person itself.  So it is that while men, women, and children have their sexuality like that attributed to the animal kingdom, their fundamental distinction is nevertheless found in their respective individual human personality which is precious and whereto sexuality is appended.  In other words, due respect may not but be given to individuals with different human sexuality – all individual or group thoughts, feelings, plus arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.

It may not be however considered either insignificant or irrelevant to ask the following questions – without any malice or ill-will – in conjunction with the above-noted three particulars behind the project:  One, would the project not instead promote discrimination in the sense that the LGBT members would have their own distinct and separate toilets?  Two, would it really be in favor of the good name of the LGBT constituents to have the said facilities constructed outside the terminal buildings?  Three, would it be then proper to say that the said individuals are in truth and in effect excluded from the male and female genders?  Four, would the airlines then also be eventually told and expected to have three separate toilets for men, for women, and for the LGBTs?  Five, would the passengers be asked to identify their sexuality before embarking the plane in order to make sure that they go to the toilet specifically intended for their use?

This in no way means that the project “Gender-Neutral” toilets are offensive, discriminatory, or in any way out-of-order.  This is simply intended to advise the CAAP to think again – and again.  Instead of “gender awareness and sensitivity”, there could be precisely gender discrimination and ridicule that could come about due to its supposedly distinct project.  It is said here and there that there should be in fact no less than six separate toilets, viz., for the males, the females, the lesbians, the gays, the bisexuals, and the transgenders.  The problem with this option is who says who is what, who checks who is really who, who then tells one to go where?  And what is the penalty if someone goes somewhere else?  This is complicating life more than it already is.