Wednesday, July 08, 2015


It is neither proper nor right to laugh at, to joke about, much less to look down upon anyone having the above said self-experience and wherefore told or claim to belong to the thus called LGBT group.  It appears quite certain that they are not what they are because of a personal choice they made, an individual option they took.  Both updated psychology and psychiatry have their respective theories why some individuals have the said “Difficulty”.  True or not, it is said that any – if not two or more together – can be its causal factor, independently of the free choice of those concerned plus the truth that no two persons react/feel exactly alike to the same stimulus.

a.  Family Bloodline:  It is said that someone with the difficulty usually finds somebody  else with the same predicament in the same family tree.

b.  Parental Dysfunction:  It is claimed that when a husband mistreats a son or  wife mistreats a daughter, the mistreated child becomes gay or lesbian.

c.  Conjugal Deficit:  It is believed that the exclusive company of all boys and all girls can be the cause of being gay or lesbian respectively.

d.  Environmental Background:  It is a theory that the more pronounced and public same-sex attraction becomes, the more others are influenced by it.

e.  Contraceptive Ingredients:  It is held that contraceptives ingredients cannot but have an effect in the sexuality of the child thus allowed to be born.

f.  Food Hormones:  It is affirmed that the hormones injected in chickens, hogs, cows which mothers eat, can have an effect in her child’s sexuality.

g.  Bullying or Browbeating Victim:  It is considered that the maltreatment of young children would make them seek the comfort of those with the same sex.

h.  Sadistic Experience:  It is believed that when young boys are hurt by boys, the former would seek the comforting company of this/that other boy.

i.  Exclusive Company:  It is surmised that when boys or girls have exclusive company, the same will eventually prefer boys’ or girls’ companionship.

j.  Peer Influence:  It is theorized that close/exclusive company/relationship among boys can make this eventually boy-oriented – the same with girls.

Experts in behavioral science are one in saying and maintaining that individuals react differently to the same stimulus.  Among other things, this means that the ten above mentioned phenomena will not necessarily  have the same effect on everybody who is always different in affective or emotional constitution and pursuant disposition.  But whatever it is, the commandment “Love your neighbor”  well includes LGBT.